About us
Which color best represents you?

I would say it’s light peach, a color which is gentle yet distinctive. It is a stunning combination of zesty orange shades and timeless grey tones. To me, this mirrors the way we play different roles in life. There are times we play up our childlike innocence, and there are other times where we take on mature sensibility.

Just like the unique peach color, we should embrace that fact that we are not as simple as it seems. We should be fearless, and not be hindered by a fear of judgment. Instead, we should celebrate the different dimensions to our character. We should enjoy the process where we discover who we really want to be and JENDES is created with this ideal - to allow you to fully represent your own value. JENDES is your path of self-discovery.

Together with JENDES, I hope that everyone can dress up in their own charm and personality, and not allow anyone to define you.

"When style shines from within, no one can define you.
You are just who you are."

Jen Wu
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