When it comes to the winter season, how can we not talk about a wool sweater? A sweater can keep you warm and also create a fashion look. The sweater is multifunctional, and it can also keep you away from getting a cold. However, the simpler the item is, the harder to match. Besides, there’s another thing which stops the girls from wearing a sweater - we are scared to look bulky in a sweater. But don’t worry! There are so many different sweaters you can find on the market. We believe that everyone can find the one that suits them. And pick up the tips with us to make your winter outfits even more fashionable!


1.Tuck In Your Sweater



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Casual Half Tuck

When you are wearing a bulkier knit, it might make your body figure unbalanced. When it happens, tucking in your sweater can help you solve this problem!
Do a half-tuck for the sweaters which have a loose fit or made of a thicker fabric. By showing the waistline, it can help extend your legs visually. At the same time, a half-tuck creates an effortless look.




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Tuck It All The Way In

For a thinner sweater, it’s better to tuck it all the way in and then put on a belt to reinforce the waistline. Tuck it all the way in can not only make your legs look super long but also create a super neat classy look!


2. Match With A Slim Fit Bottom Made Of Different Material



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Throw On A Pair Of Pencil Skirt

Oversized sweaters are very popular recently. It’s very comfortable. If you don’t put in some effort on how to match it, you might look sloppy and tired in it. Choosing an item with a different material can help a lot, such as chiffon or mesh. And remember the tip: Match the loose fit top with a slim fit bottom. So that you can easily become an eye-catcher!


3. Slightly Reveal The Skin




Roll Up The Sleeves

People wear layers and layers of clothes during winter, sometimes it can make others misunderstood that you’re big. Rolling up the sleeves can easily break the misunderstanding and create a breathable look. You will look tact as well!



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Showing Your Ankles

If you have to reveal the skin of one body part but you don’t wanna be cold in the winter. Let’s say the ankles can be the perfect ones! Put on the soft knit sweater and show a little bit of ankle skin to create a comfy OOTD!


4. Put On Accessories




Pick The Right Shoes

To match knitwear, you can choose the shoes such as dad sneakers which can make you a few inches taller. Or you can choose the flats which show some skin of the foot, high heels or ankle boots. A few inches from the shoes can make a big difference for the look.



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Put On A belt

Shoes are one of the best accessories that can make you look taller. The belt is the one that you can easily match with a knit dress. Put a belt on an oversized knit dress that can softly draw your body curves. A belt can help you dress with a sense of sexiness in the cold winter!

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