The pace of life is getting faster and faster, and there are a bunch of trifles to be dealing with every single day. Gradually, you are buried by that busyness and one day, you suddenly find a lot of seemingly recent things have been a while. You start missing those people, events and kinds of stuff in the old times, and even burst some desire going back to some particular moments. These moments are when you should to open the playlist, press the play button on all those songs full of memories, give yourself a long time, clear your mind and throw all those messy thoughts behind. This time, we have invited Doreen to join us in Dadaocheng (大稻埕) for the Hit Songs Combo project, combining JENDES's classic denim collection with the old days hit songs, bringing you back to your golden age!


Cowboy On The Run 牛仔很忙


Demin has risen from the 1850s and is still an unbeaten trend until now. You will need at least denim shorts, denim skirts, high-rise jeans, wide-leg jeans and skinny jeans to complete a perfect wardrobe collection, and, of course, there is no need to remind everyone how denim jacket well fits any outfits. A lot of people find Double Denim a very challenging match, don’t be afraid! As long as you choose the right items, you will be able to nail this fashion style!

What to wear: we recommend you to start from denim items in different shades to create a visual sense of layers, do remember to avoid extra colorful or complicated patterns. A third item in the same hue will be a good match without stealing the thunder of Double Denim!



Chinese Herbal Manual 本草綱目


I don't know if you have ever been to a Chinese medicine pharmacy or not, but let me tell you something: the first time you step into one, you will definitely be amazed by all the traditional tools. Take the pharmacy where we were photographed in this time, for example, has so many tiny jars that are filled with traditional Chinese medical herbs. The owner, after taking the customer’s orders, will weight the herbs on the scales and then skillfully pack them before calculate the total price with an abacus. These are the experiences that you won’t find in your shopping anywhere else!

What to wear: Feel like adding a unique accessory to a basic dress? Try the Two-Tone Denim Corset! It can be worn with a variety of dresses, whether it is plain or striped. The Striper Cami Dress is also a hot cake in August! Allow the half-transparent material to refresh your summer!



Rice Field 稻香


Do you feel like going back to the countryside from time to time after living in the city for a long time? Imagine yourself wandering in the lanes, feeling the fresh air and hearing the insects chirping in the grass. It feels just like your childhood time, that lovely and carefree memorable days! That wonderful childhood memory is what JENDES hopes to remind everyone with the song “Rice Field”!

What to wear: Have you been afraid of Denim x Denim match? Try creating the perfect Double Denim OOTD with a denim vest. Matching the denim vest with a pair of basic shorts, using the maxi knit sweater to highlight the whole outfit, balancing the overall look and remaining the style at the same time.



Adorable Lady 可愛女人


Lovers! Isn’t it sweet that they always see their partners trough pink filters? It seems like every single move of them is the most adorable action in their better half’s eyes. This time JENDES invited Doreen to interpret a woman in love, the shooting theme “Adorable Lady” takes place in Fu Coffee in Taipei, don’t you feel the burning desire for falling in love?

What to wear: A loving Heart-shaped Pockets Denim Dress. This mini skirt is decorated with super cute heart-shaped pockets, you will be buttering everyone around you up without yourself even noticing. It is definitely a must for your date!

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