When the temperature drops, there are more ways to mix and match your outfits. Don’t you feel excited about it? If you haven’t got any ideas, you can follow my lead and get some inspiration from 8 sets of clothes of November Collection. Same as October, we invited three girls to try on November new arrivals. They are 155cm, 163cm and 169cm. All the items are unique and fashionable; they are gonna sharpen your daily look!


Medium Height Girl - Lioumonn
Height 163cm
Weight 46kg


Petite Girl - CiaCia
Height 155cm cm
Weight 40kg


Rangy Girl - Janet
Height 169cm
Weight 48kg


Look1 Houndstooth Suit Set

Do you have that thought in your head when you open the wardrobe in the morning? “What am I gonna do with this weather? It’s hot and also cold sometimes!” The Houndstooth Suit Set is made for this weather! When you wear this stylish suit set, all you need to do is choose what to wear inside to match the weather. When it’s cold, you can put a long sleeve sweater inside. It’s gonna keep you warm and sharp! If you wanna look vivacious, just pair with a plain T-shirt and dad sneakers. And if you’re that sexy girl, you can wear the suit set itself and throw on a pair of stocking boots. Easy peasy! No need to go through your whole wardrobe for a killer look! Houndstooth Suit Set got you!



Look2 Plaid Suit Jacket

Don’t you ever look down on Plaid Suit Jacket! We made it with all the fine details just like our respect for this classic piece. You can easily show your manner with the jacket and its delicate details. If you are a fashion beginner, you can just match it with the pants with the same pattern. It’s simple yet fashionable. You can also wear it as an outer and put a casual sweater inside. It brings out the style and taste of you!



Look3 Raw Denim Skirt with Logo Tape

The Raw Denim Skirt with Logo Tape finally came out! We know that everyone has been waiting for it for so long. The logo tape belt is adjustable, so I bet that everyone can fit well in it. This skirt is a bit longer than usual. For the petite girls, we recommend you check the length before purchasing. If you’re around 160cm, you can pair it with heel boots, and throw on the jacket with the same logo tape. So easy and you can have the manner of a suit set! For the rangy girls, you can choose a knit top with a bright color to balance the dense color of the skirt and add a focus to your autumn outfit!



Look4 Striped Knit Dress

You might think it’s just a basic knit dress, but when you receive it, you will be surprised by its weight. Even you can not tell from looking at it, but we still care about quality and all the details of our products. We use the three-colored yarn which is more expensive to make this dress. We also adjusted the length and the route on arms many times to create a high-quality item that can be worn for a long time. Girls in different heights can fit perfectly in this knit dress!



Look5 Trench Coat Dress

It is a trench coat and also a dress. It not only saves some space in your wardrobe but also provides you with many different looks! The classic camel khaki and the blue that director Jen Wu wears are both very beautiful. With the puff sleeve design, you don’t need to roll up your sleeves to show your wrists. And the length is also perfect. If you are a petite girl, you won’t look like a flasher. The shoulder line is not dropping too much, it just fits nicely and brings out the feminine of you.



Look6 Off-the-shoulder Long Sleeve Dress

This is your date night look! The off-the-shoulder design makes you show your shoulders and collarbones. Your boyfriend is gonna be stunned by your sexy look! The vertical stripes not only make the fabric looks lighter, but also bring a sense of intellectuality. No matter how tall you are, once you put on this dress, people around you fall in love with you! (It also comes with a belt for you to adjust as you want it!)



Look7 Oversized Denim Vest

Another killer item joining the denim collection - Oversized Denim Jacket. It is the best for the weather like now. When you are wearing a boring knit top, throw this vest on, and your look is made! Have you ever experienced the magic of denim vest? If not, you should try now! You can match the elegant knit dress with the bad-ass denim vest. It’s a mix of sweet and spicy, yet stylish. You can also pair with a bright color hoodie to make a casual look! It’s simple to mix and match!



Look8 Cutout Elbow Hoodie Dress

The normal hoodies are out of fashion! Hoodie with elbow cutout is what you need! You just need a pair of simple denim jeans to match with this awesome hoodie. If you want something different, you can try what the rangy girl tried - match it with knitwear to level up your matching skills. Also, you can wear it as a dress! It’s made of thick fabric so you won’t look mope.



Do you have some new ideas for your outfits after reading these 8 sets of clothes? Let’s shop the November Collection and get all your autumn looks set!

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