In May, shrouded by the epidemic and the rainy season, the days that you can not step out of the house freely are still continuing. Fortunately, human beings have lived up to the survival of the fittest. With strong flexibility, we continue to explore solutions to the epidemic so that the mind is greater than the body. In order to prevent the spread of the disease, public facilities that are not necessary for the living have been closed. And museums and art galleries have not been spared. This year's art exhibitions, sports events, and large concerts can only be postponed.
I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. Thanks to technology and the flexible minds of artists. Now as long as you are online, the world's best online collections are at your disposal. Many art museums also hold live broadcasts on social media from time to time to bring the world's various beauty in front of your eyes without time differences



1.Art Museums without Borders: No Shortages of Art

In addition to releasing a large number of collection materials for online viewing, many art museums also plan a series of activities to interact with the public through the community and bring blunt art to life.
Apart from the art museum, the Kansas City Zoo in the United States is also one of them. Worried about the penguins in the museum being too bored and losing contact with humans, they collaborated with the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to hold a field trip for the penguins. The cute little guests who were wearing tuxedos attended the ceremony just tilted their heads and brains in front of the master's paintings as if they were carefully appreciating them. Curator Julián Zugazagoitia also said: "From the penguin's response, I think they prefer Caravaggio to Monet"


(CREDIT:Flickr/The Nelson-Atkins Museum Art)


Penguins understand the dress etiquette when visiting art museums. We who stay at home visiting the museum online should also take advantage of this special moment to use our creativity and combine the dress code. Dress up for ourselves even when we are at home!
Most of the building materials in the museum are mainly gray and cold-tone marble. The gentle and low-key texture sets off the rich works in the museum. In this space, the works are the protagonist. Therefore, we chose two outfits that have the same charm as the museum decor, with a neutral hue as a supplement to highlight the interesting silhouette. Imagine yourself walking through the exhibition space like a sculpture and being in harmony.







2.Online Concerts: Let the Music Relive You

Music is a common language in the world. Whenever there is a global crisis, people in the music industry are always the first to speak up, using their influence and songs to inspire souls who need to express their emotions. This year, large and small concerts are expected to be postponed or canceled, although it is a pity but many artists have opened free online concerts. From another perspective, such an unprecedented form, a playlist that responds to the current situation, and a sense of presence are also a valuable experience. We can put on the fashionable summer dress that was supposed to be worn at the music festival and put on the headphones to let the rhythm move our body. Dance! Get rid of all the negative energy from staying at home.






3.Animal Crossing: Gathering the Fashionistas

In the downturn of a bad economy, a few industries still grow against the trend and create new business opportunities. Nintendo Switch has achieved amazing results with its game Animal Crossing and has created an alternative community trend in this situation: friends and relatives who are separated from each other experience a real warmth in the virtual game. In this long-standing wave of enthusiasm, The Met in New York, the United States even provides 400,000 collections of famous paintings from the museum, allowing players to decorate your home with 100% genuine artworks.

We specially selected a chiffon dress with romantic ruffles, which echoes Marc Jacob's romantic style. Let you dress beautifully in the virtual world, and have you in real life keep up with the spring/summer 2020 trend. Don’t forget to stay at the forefront of fashion!






In fact, there are a lot of interesting projects and new operating modes, which are launched and revitalized around the world every day. When we face these efforts to resist the despicable environment and try to comfort the well-being of the fragile people with arts, music, and creativity, let us also take action, dress up, and attend online!

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