Do you ever concern about if the clothes you see on foreign models or on the director, Jen Wu, will look good on you too? Is it because the models are in such good shape, so they look good in anything? Or those nice clothes are not made for the average person? In fact, if you take some time and look into it, you can find a lot of clothing options for you. We invited 3 girls to try on the clothes for us, they are 155cm, 162cm, 169cm. Let’s see how girls in different height can dress up with our new arrivals of October!


Petite Girl - CiaCia
Height 155cm cm
Weight 40kg


Medium Height Girl - Lisa
Height 162cm
Weight 45kg


Rangy Girl - Janet
Height 169cm
Weight 48kg


Look1 Colorblock Knit Skirt

Knit midi skirt is one of the items that girls worry about the most. Especially for the small girls, they are afraid that midi skirt will make them look shorter. But you actually just need to choose the right top and shoes to match. If you got the right one, even you are a petite girl, you can dress nicely in the midi skirt too! A pair of high heels is the best way to make your legs look longer. If you don’t want the look to be too mature, complete your outfits with ankle boots or the shoes that show a bit more of the skin of your calves to create the visual effect of longer legs. Colorblock Knit Skirt has a similar effect that makes your legs look longer from exposing a bit of skin of calves.



Look2 Blazer Style Romper

Wanna try the sharp look with a suit but don’t wanna look formal? Blazer Style Romper is your choice! You can mix and match with different kind of tops to make different looks. It’s such an easy item for a lazy dresser. If you’re small, you won’t look like a little girl trying to wear adult clothes since the neat cut and shorts design. If you like to create a look which is not too formal, you can put a bright color sweater inside. Wanna be even more stylish? Pair with height heel boots! It’s gonna make the people around you stunned by your killer look!



Look3 Striped Cutout Top

Are you bored with the usual striped tops? Let’s see the magic of the design that created a brand new style with striped tops! Believing in that showing a little bit of skin can make your figure slimmer, we made it with a tiny cutout on the shoulders. It not only makes your body looks nicer and also decreases the heaviness of autumn clothes. You can match this special top with basic denim, summer shorts, or even wide pants to create your various look.



Look4 Flare Sleeve Cropped Top

Cropped top is petite girls’ best friend. You can easily throw on a pair of wide pants and show your slim upper belly, it’s gonna give you the visual effect as all the parts below the cropped top are your long legs. If you are a rangy girl, you can take size M for this one. Don’t worry about exposing your body when you hold the hand grabs on the bus, size M got you covered! The design for the front and back is so nice that you can show your shoulder blades from the rare V-neck and expose your clavicles from the front off-the-shoulder design.



Look5 Striped Cutout Knit Top

Probably every girl has a knit top in their wardrobe, but not everyone has a multi ways knit top to style yourself for different looks. You can dress this item in different ways as for how you want to present your body. If you are very lucky that you have a flat stomach, you can wear it without buttons up. If you feel a bit shy, but still like to show a bit of skin, you can button up a few and leave some open. And if you really like to stay warm in your knit top, you can button up all the buttons. It’s a knit top provides you with multiple looks, and looks stylish in each way!



Look6 Cuffed Wide-Leg Trousers

Wanna try one of the most popular items from street snaps of Hollywood? These wide-leg trousers are what you should get! After we let the girls try on the trousers, for the petite girl, the length is perfectly full long, not oversized. Note that if you wanna make your legs look longer, choose a cropped top to pair with it! For medium height and rangy girls, they are like ankle pants. Same tips but if you like some different combinations, you can try the Japanese style, pairing long on long, or wide on wide. Just one step can make you stand out from the crowd!



Look7 Striped Boyfriend Shirt Dress

You must have a boyfriend shirt in your wardrobe no matter you have a boyfriend or not! It’s such an item that doesn’t get limited by the height. You can wear it as a dress and pair with boots, wear it as a long shirt, or even as an outer. There are two pockets on the chest, and also pockets on the side. If you don’t know where to put your hands, this shirt got you sorted! The button cuffs design is also one of our favorites, show a bit your wrist and bring some feminine to the boxy boyfriend shirt.



Look8 Button Front Jumpsuit

This one is a bit tricky that you have to pay attention and don’t forget the tips. Girls in different heights look very different in this jumpsuit. The bottom of the trousers ends right at the ankles for the petite girls. You can throw on a pair of flats and you’re ready to go! For medium height girls, it shows a bit more of the calves, you can take a pair of boots or wear socks inside to enrich the look. Wearing a black high-necked sweater inside can balance the look from head to toe. And for rangy girls, the trousers end at the middle of the calves. We recommend you to pair with high heels, it makes you look like you are wearing a midi skirt.



After viewing the different outfits of these girls, I’m sure you have found some ideas for you too! People usually limit themselves with their own thoughts for how to dress, and sometimes you find that you always wearing in the same terms. There are more ways to dress and fewer limits for your height. Use a bit of your imagination and find more different ways to dress! Dress in your own charm with your height!

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