Are you wondering how and why the oversized fashion became so popular? The answer is that it gives you a breathable outfit for the sticky summer days, and it provides you some extra space to layer up in the cold wintertime. From fashion runway to the street snaps, we surprisingly found that many girls are thinking outside the box of womanly shapes and starting to embrace the oversized trend. Oversized doesn’t just literally mean taking 2 sizes up from what you normally wear. How you complete the look and make it fit the occasion are even more important. Oversized fashion is not that kind of outfit that your parents would call you sloppy. Now you can dress your own manner into the oversized styles!


Effortlessly and Hipsterly Oversized




When wearing clothes that are upsized, we all wanna avoid looking like a kid playing dress-up. The key to solving this problem is choosing the items with a neat cut. For the past few years, oversized blazer jackets have been one of the most popular fashion items. And they usually come with the shoulder pads. JENDES is having it all different this time! Button up the oversized blazer and throw on a pair of full-length trousers! It creates a comfortable O shape which is similar to the Japanese kimono, and it also gives a touch of hipster style. This is a set of outfits very different from the aggressive look from the blazer jacket. It’s comfortable, effortless, and hipster. It’s very rare to see something like this on the market!


Naturally and Recklessly Oversized




If you are a petite girl, the entrance to oversized fashion is topping up a loose-fit bottom on a tight top. You can also go with the trend of denim on denim. In this outfit, we have the reckless denim match the intellectual plaid. The two conflicting elements create a good balance of the fabrics and the style. The jeans have a wide straight leg and splits in the bottom. It’s naturally and recklessly oversized, completely different from the sagging pants.


Talking about recklessness, workwear fashion is another big coming-back fashion trend. Durable, loose-fit, single-colored, workwear looks even better on girls. There are a few tips for building up your own workwear style. Rolling up the sleeves, revealing the skin from the collarbone or ankles can help the look become more womanly. Adding some accessories, heels or boots can even bring the street style onto the runway.


Casually and Chicly Oversized


If you have a slim body shape, the oversized shirt is a very good option for you! It doesn’t need to be street style or hip-hop. If you like to mark your body figure from the shirt, keep “loose-fit top x slim-fit bottom” in mind. You can simply show your legs or matching with a pair of the tight bottom, the look is naturally chic!

There is an advanced style from Billie Eilish. She likes to have all her outfits in a loose-fit. The style is very unique and full of surprises sometimes. You can add some accessories such as sunglasses, or an eye-catching makeup to lighten up the baggy look. You are able to define your own fashion style!

Oversized trend explains that there is full of imagination in fashion and you can always define and redefine what fashion means to you. Choosing that specific size for your unique body shape, and draw your own personality and style on your outfit! You are your own fashion icon!

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