Have you read my article about Brooklyn? Some of them are the popular check-in locations, and today I’m gonna introduce you 6 more places in Manhattan. If you like taking photos, you can not miss out! Manhattan seems to be a modern city full of tall buildings, if you take some time and explore deeper into this island, you will see its unique and special charisma.


40°44'56.3"N 73°58’13.7”W

You must be confused with this location, it is actually a spot recommended by our photographer. You can take the perfect shots with tall buildings and red brick walls. Take your best check-in photo of New York here! Put the location in your Google Map and find this spot right now!





If you like to do some shopping, you can’t skip Soho! All the shops are so cute, made me want to walk into all of them! There are a lot of fast fashion brands and designer brands which you can shop all day! Besides that, have you found something very unique on the streets of Soho? There are many old houses facade with fire escape ladders. They remind me of some movie scenes, such as bad guys climb up the ladder and break into someone’s home, or some boys knock on the window of their crush and send a rose to her from the ladder. The special street view and the shops in Soho are definitely check-in worthy!


West Village

When talking about West Village, I can picture Kelly from Sex and the City walking out from her house with a beautiful dress and flagging down a taxi to go on a date. West Village is exactly like how I imagine it, we saw a lot of houses similar to Kelly’s. There are also many adorable cafes which are perfect for a relaxing afternoon. I was wearing a very nice dress for the shooting in West Village, and it fit just well with the streets.


Pier 25 at Hudson River Park

Our photographer took us to this secret spot which can enjoy the view of the river and the Manhattan skyline. It’s a great spot for taking photos, also a good place to exercise if you like to stay in shape during your travels. Come and jog with the sunset in the park before you start your amazing night!


Times Square

If you are seeking for an unforgettable night in New York, Time Square is a good one for you! You can surround yourself with billboards and enjoy the colorful lights, you can get a ticket and watch a Broadway show. If you are not interested in the show, you can also release your inner shopaholic and go on a shopping spree. You can find almost all the famous American brands here. Before you go shopping, just make sure your pocket is deep enough!

How do you like my New York City Guide? I think New York is a place full of surprises, you can always find something amazing during your travels and never get bored with it. Just like a clerk once said to me “Everyone comes back to New York!”

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