From the fashion trend of 2020, we have noticed that many famous brands have abandoned the exaggerated decoration, and concentrated on the essence of design in a clearer and purer way to return to the classic essence of wearing. After the turbulent 2019, the tragic disaster caused by the abnormal climate made it impossible to stay aside from the disorderly “fashion waste”. The fast-fashion brands have slowed down producing fast, trying to let go of the purpose of promoting the purchase and replacing it with creativity. Rethink about what the industry is desperately looking for right now, it may not be another piece of clothing that using Pantone's color of the year and designed with fashionable and glamorous details, but rather to lead designers and consumers to more sustainable clothing and lifestyle.
This year, what we need is not new clothes but the ideals of eco-friendly clothing.


The Hotshot Jacquemus Returning to the True Self


Jacquemus Chiquito Bag. /Jacquemus FW20(CREDIT: Pinterest/VOGUE)


Jacquemus achieved great success with the mini Chiquito bag last June and skipped Paris Fashion Week last September. It finally came back after a period of confusion and wishing to regain the original intention when Simon took a lien curtain and made a skirt for his mother at the age of 7.
The whole series was imbued with a soft and harmonious brown tone. Tailored with the materials in the same tone, the entire collection was echoed with a touch of french elegance. Just as Simon has gone through 10 years of becoming more and more sincere in his aesthetics, each creator will eventually regain his most private experience between his and his own works. With certain maturity, you will eventually return to where you start from.




Valentino The Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary


VValentino SS20(CREDIT: VOGUE)


Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino's creative director, is good at integrating the Haute Couture gene of the product into modern aesthetics and contemporary diversity and interpreting the mellow craftsmanship of the old and the new for each season.
In the spring-summer of 2020, Valentino brought the public a new idea - they boldly use a white shirt as a base to symbolize that Haute Couture is slowing changing. It should be more tolerant, more approachable, and fits the needs and body of consumers just like a simple white shirt. Pierpaolo Piccioli took off the exaggerated decoration, and brought exquisite and low-key craftsmanship to the daily items, in an attempt to return the focus from clothing to the wearer. Each piece of the collection is like the proof of this season’s concept: If the item can not bring out the inner energy and spirit of women, no matter how beautiful it is, it will only be a burden.





JENDES Regaining the Heart of Creating Playful Denim



Remember the first collection of JENDES was inspired by director Jen’s favorite denim outfits? In the first month of 2020, we are designing our items simply instead of complicated just like most of the brands that catalyzed by the environment. We are designing items that are loyal to their true colors. Maybe it's not as eye-catching as some progressives styles, or as topical as some fancy styles, but it contains the values that the two above-mentioned brands are: we should wear clothing that is sincere and comfortable to ourselves. Do not follow the newest and latest blindly, and pay attention to the quality and the details of every single item you buy. In 2020, wear JENDES’ denim that allows each person to shine as themselves and make clothing more conscious!

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