The Feminism that Softens the Marbles

Modern technology makes our life so much easier by taking over the things that we used to do manually. Most of our daily routines became very easy and simple to accomplish. Even though there are a group of people who are in love with making arts from their bare hands, and Nevine Mahmoud, the sculpture artist who was born in London and based in LA, is one of them.

Nevine Mahmoud’s workshop in LA(CREDIT: Spinelli Kilcollin)

Nevine said that sculpture is the most challenging process of art-making and it drew her to it. She’s afraid of the difficulties of carving, this special way of thinking makes her artworks stand out from the other artists. And that’s also how she stands up as a feminist among other male perspectives on art.
Since ancient times, marble is one of the hardest material to carve. Most of the people trying to give it a hard hit but usually don’t come out well. Nevine works with the concepts that are soft and flexible as water, and her artworks are so special and unique.


I’m Not the Muses and No Objectification

In the history of art, the female body is always a popular topic. To male surrealism, the female body is an object to reflect his fantasy and express his emotions. And carving a curvy female body has become the way to challenge the technique of a male sculptor. Although the works can be very beautiful, they are just the fantasy of a male sculptor. Nevine’s blockbusting collection is about the female body and objectification. She kept the original color and veins of the marbles and created the artworks as the signs of sexual suggestiveness.



Effeminate Form, 2017./ Cleave and Spread Peach, 2017.
(CREDIT: Nevine Mahmoud website)


Effeminate Form, 2017.(CREDIT: Nevine Mahmoud website)


Cleave and Spread Peach, 2017.(CREDIT: Nevine Mahmoud website)


How do women look like?

Seductive, beautiful, delicate, makes people wanna touch and own them. The pieces from the collection are sarcastic to the fact of sexual objectification. Nevine carved with a sense of humor and created the artworks that shine the power of feminism out of the shape of patriarchy.




Lips, 2016/ Dumb Tongue, 2016/ Tutti laying, 2017
(CREDIT: Nevine Mahmoud website)


Lips, 2016(CREDIT: Nevine Mahmoud website)


Dumb Tongue, 2016(CREDIT: Nevine Mahmoud website)


Tutti laying, 2017(CREDIT: Nevine Mahmoud website)

She used the lifeless items to highlight predicament of the idea of women body in male artists’ works. And she also combined the natural veins of stones with human organs to create the look of the skin of women, the soft and smooth breasts, and the seductive tongue. Those are the untouchable ones that make you lose your self-control. It’s like the obscenity of men toward women. Her works are beautiful, but they also mean how the world slaughters women body.


Nevine Mahmoud’s works got selected by Maurizio Cattelan to attend « Artists is Present » in Shanghai by Gucci.(CREDIT: Gucci)


In Nevine’s art practice, she is in love with contraction of the marbles. During the process of carving a sculpture, you need to break into the hard stone with strong strength. At the same time, you need to create the idea that you want to make people know while you break into the stone. Carving a sculpture includes breaking and creating at the same time. Nevine’s works look soft and feminine, but they are actually made of very hard marbles. She used her artworks to show the world about the controversy between women and patriarchy just like the way she’s fighting against the cruel world with her feminine arts.

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