A heat wave rushed in right after the rainy season finished. And seems like it has the intention to stay around for a little while. Summer is here, and my heart is urging me on a vacation. We can see the flowers bloom and the grass is green. Additionally, the saturation of our daily life scenes enhanced as the summer arrived. In this dazzling and sultry season, items in white can be the best choice for you to bring back some refreshment.


Pick the Right Highlights and Match up Subtractively

The hot weather makes people impatient. We often want to get things done in the fastest and easiest way. It’s also the same when it comes to choosing the clothes we wear. Compared with multi-layered outfits, a single product with bright tailoring is more practical and convenient to wear.


Feeling perplexed by choosing between a slim or loose fit? Worried about being too hot and would get sticky in a slim fit item during the humid weather? And wondering if it would look dispirited and downcast wearing some boxy? Here is the solution! This plain-colored holiday dress got you all sorted! The V-neck cut on the visual focus above the chest adds a sense of refresh to the look by revealing a small portion of your skin. And below, is a romantic skirt in a loose fit. In addition to being relatively cool to wear, the natural drape also has the effect of lengthening the body.


The highlight of this piece is the ruffled sleeve shape at the shoulders. Those with sharp eyes may find that the ruffled sleeves extend down to the waist, making the silhouette more beautiful and smoother. No matter how the hand swings, it can cover the annoying flabby arms. A simple set of swimsuits inside can be worn to the beach for water activities. Paired with a woven bag and sandals, it's even more holiday-like, and once you put it on, you can't help but want to go on a holiday!


The denim item of the month is 80s-inspired one-piece workwear with a Stranger Things style. The refreshing white material is matched with the earth-colored embroidery thread to frame the outline, which is simple and a little thoughtful.


With the ingenious mid-high waist design, even for petite girls, the proportion of legs is very slender. It's a treasured item with built-in various tailoring!




Create Visual Harmony with the Same Tone Set

To fit up your summer wardrobe, a set in the same tone is also a good choice other than a one-piece item with key tailoring. Wearing the same color head to toe can easily give people a sense of thoughtfulness. And this little trick is perfect for summer when layering up is impossible! This time, two summer sets are launched, which I believe can meet the needs of different skin tones and styles.


The off-shoulder V-neck knitted top in cream color can be tucked into shorts for a chic look, or it can be left out for an elegant, casual vibe. This set is like a canvas, you can easily change styles by matching up with different accessories, and it is unexpectedly full of.


It looks simple as a whole, but in fact, we made buttons on the side waist and side hips to add a playful detail to the material, so that it won’t look too mature, and it will bring a sense of cuteness just like a little girl.


Another cold-toned set is chilly to look at and comfortable to wear. Different from the more casual crop top sets, this one has a playful and intellectual style. Taking the collared shirt as the prototype and improving it into a wide and short version, and then adjusting the proportions through the waist A-line skirt. Additionally, the same color buttons extend from the top to the skirt, adding the finishing touch to the soft style, which is quite modern.




In addition to the collection of white outfits, this month we also have two easy-to-wear and trendy pieces. We have a cropped halter shirt with a subtle touch of lace-up straps at the sides of the waist, adding an understated touch to the clean-cut, and a pair of simple jeans with a hidden ingenuity, a slightly wide arc cut, whether it is a pear-shaped figure or a skinny girl can wear it comfortably and stylishly.


In recent summer seasons, floral patterns and bright colors are no longer the biggest trends. Items with high saturation are sometimes related to sultriness. After sweating under the boiling sun, this type of outside would not make you look good. On the contrary, in addition to the simplicity and versatility of earth tones and white, there is a visual contrast with the high-color summer palette. As long as you add ingenuity, all in white will make you even more vibrant!

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