Have you found out that there are models in different height and shapes in our “Fitting Report”? And there is also your personal size recommendations too! We provide all the information to make you draw a picture of yourself wearing our products. And to help you have a clearer picture, BREAK THE LIMITS OF HEIGHT is back again!
Same as always, we have models who are 155cm, 162cm, and 169cm. Let’s discover our APRIL NEW ARRIVALS together!



Look1 Satin Belted Romper

It’s really hard for a rangy girl or a petite girl to find a romper that suits perfectly their height. But this hunter style romper has no problem with that at all! The shoulder line of this romper drops a bit off from the shoulders. If you have a wider shoulder, you can fit in perfectly without any troubles. And you can adjust the waist by tiding it yourself! Like a higher waist or a looser waist when having a big dinner? You can adjust it just as you like it! And the legs of the romper has been adjusted so many times by the designers that they made sure girls in different heights can fit in just easy! This romper suits every girls well, and its design and the fabric are also the reason why it is so popular. It was sold out on the day we released the new arrivals!



Look2 Ruffle Glitter Striped Dress

We have checked the 3 most important parts of the dress - the collar, the length of the sleeve, and the length of the dress! Models in different heights can fit it perfectly, and can even move around freely in the dress! We also had the rangy girl to match the dress with a pair of pants. Isn’t it a playful look? And a note for you, the dress is made of breathable and thin fabric, we recommend you to wear a bright color top inside!



Look3 Plaid Mermaid Skirt

This plaid suit set that director Jen wore many times must be one of your favorites! But the length of the skirt might be the reason that stops you from buying it. Take a look at the pictures that 3 girls wearing this item. I guess it will wipe out the hesitation for you! For a petite girl, you look beautiful from the front and the back! For a rangy girl, you can consider to wear the matching top just like our director, and pair it with a pair of boots looks even cooler!




Do you find the colors of this top is kind of familiar to something? If you read the first letter of each word, you will find “DHL”! The silhouette of this knit top is new from JENDES 2019SS. It’s a bit looser than PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE Knit Top. And it can fit better for the girls in different shapes! It covered the shorts of the petite girl. Isn’t it a “Bottom Missing” fashion look? For a rangy girl, you can tuck the top into the skirt to create a vibrant look with the energetic orange color!



Look5 Knit Midi Skirt

If you follow JENDES from the very beginning, you must find this skirt kind of familiar. And yes! It is the knit suit set from last July but in different colors! We have many messages asking how would people look like in this knit top and skirt set, so we put it in our BREAK THE LIMITS OF HEIGHT to show you how it is! It looks great in different heights. For a petite girl, the skirt just covered the calves. And for a rangy girl, it just covered the knees. And it very comfortable to walk in it. If you are worried about the length, stop hesitate and put it in the shopping bag!!



Look6 Plaid V Neck Jumpsuit

Director Jen wore this Jumpsuit in the photos. The V neck and the splits on the sleeves make a sexy yet beautiful look. We recommend this Jumpsuit to the girls a bit taller than average. So when you wear it, the legs just cover above the ankles. Matching the design of the collar and the sleeves just well. And if you are a petite girl, you can wear a pair of shoes with heels so you will look as amazing as medium height girl and rangy girl!

The introduction for girls in different heights with our April new arrivals ends here. If you have some items you would like us to introduce, just let us know!

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