We collected some popular questions that people asked on Instagram of JENDES and found that people are keen to get some advice on how to mix and match the items we have. “Is it hard to fit your items in my daily outfits?” “Could you provide some advice for mix and match your products?” Today we are here to help you out with your concerns! And it’s also the reason why we wrote this article about one-week outfit challenge.

We invited Wusami and ChiChi for our special project. We created outfits for their different personalities. All their outfits of the week are chosen and matched up from 6 different items, and the items are from 3 silhouettes. Let’s see how they dress up with our popular items!


MONDAY Use Some Colorful Magic To Defeat The Monday Blue

Do you have bad mood on Monday for no reason? Let’s use some colorful magic to defeat the Monday blue! Take off your thought of scaring to wear eye-catching outfits in front of your mirror, and take out the sweater of candy colors and match up the top with a special bottom to get yourself ready for Monday!




If you don’t feel comfortable to wear an eye-catching outfit by yourself, you can ask your bestie to wear a matching top with you! Just like ChiChi and Wusami wearing the same sweater but different colors. If you are a clever but mischievous person, you can match the top with Polka Dots Tulle Skirt just like Wusami. The semi-sheer skirt will bring some freshness to the look. Or you can wear the Raw Denim Skirt with Logo Tape with the blue sweater. It’s a combination with same colors tone but not boring. You will become a superstar on the street on the Mondays that all the other people don’t put any effort into choosing their outfits. Post a picture on Instagram while you getting a coffee with your bestie. Let’s make the Mondays into Sundays and get rid of the Monday blue!





TUESDAY Put On Some Unconventional Office Wear To Show What You Are Capable Of

On the busy Tuesday, you need to be professional from the inside to the outside, otherwise, how are you gonna finish all the works and tasks on the checklist? Even just sneaking out for a cup of coffee or going to the convenient shop for lunch with your bestie, you must have the confidence as “I am the prettiest person of the day” with you!




If you are tired of wearing shirts and pants as your office wear, you can try our Cold Shoulder Cape Top to brighten up your working days! Black and white are both the colors that can’t go wrong with anything. You can match the top with a pencil skirt, you will look unique and beautiful. Just remember the tip “match your loose top with a tide bottom” and the look won’t go wrong! ChiChi matched the white top with our May new arrivals Colorful Rib Tweed Skirt. The look she created is real class. And Wusami matched the black with houndstooth. The colors of the top and the bottom matched well. And throw on a pair of mules to complete your Tuesday look!


WEDNESDAY Treat Yourself Going Home Early On The Hump Day

Working hard the past few days, and now it’s finally the hump day! Let’s work on what we need to do and finish work as soon as possible just like the girl in the Japanese TV series わたし、定時で帰ります( I wanna finish work on time) checking out work at 6 pm and jumping on the bus before sunset. If you don’t wanna squeeze yourself into a crowded bus after work, why not treat yourself for a comfortable taxi ride back home and enjoy your time at home?





Today ChiChi and Wusami are wearing the colorful knit top as office wear. The tip to mix and match with a colorful top is choosing the bottom with the colors from the top to match it. Wusami is wearing DRYER HOPELESSLY LOST Knit Top which plays with the colors of the delivery company. The yellow in this top makes us think of another item of May, Star Embroidered Flare Trousers. The yellow stars on the pants match the top just well, and the black color balances the look. It’s a perfect match! ChiChi took the black from THE GAME CHANGER Knit Top to matchup. Throw on the black Blazer Style Romper to create the official yet stylish look.

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