Here is the fitting report of June new arrivals! This time we invited Lauren, Xiaohe, and Jessica as our models. They are 152cm, 162cm, and 170cm tall. Let’s not waste the time and see our fitting report together!


Petite Girl - Lauren
Height 152 cm
Weight 42 kg


Medium Height Girl - Xiaohe
Height 162 cm
Weight 45 kg


Rangy Girl - Jessica
Height 170 cm
Weight 52 kg





Look1 - Leather Spliced Dress

First, we gonna introduce the beautiful dress that Jen was wearing for June new arrivals. This dress is full of secrets! In the front, you can easily notice the irregular arc hem, there are also side cutouts on the waist. It’s full of details from the front and from the side. These designs can make a slimming effect. If you care about your waist and thigh curves, the cut and the leather decoration can help you get a better shape. Besides, the shoulder pads of the dress are removable. If you don’t like the shoulder pad design, you can just take them off! No problem at all! It’s a dress can fit in any occasion. (We recommend you to wear the nu bra underneath, in case the side of the regular bra is not fully covered.)



Look2 - Draped Waist Shirt

Do you think the dress looks very familiar? You are right! This is the white edition of the same shirt that director Jen wore in the vegan restaurant in LA back in March. We have our models wearing this shirt in different ways this time. The petite girl Lauren, we have her wearing it as a dress, and pair with height heels. Showing a bit of the legs can make you look taller, and the simple cut of the dress is super flattering. Medium height girl Xiaohe was wearing as director Jen, pairing the shirt with Polka Dots Tulle Skirt. White on white creates a very elegant look, if you like the romantic style, you should try to match it this way. For the rangy girl Jessica, we have her dress the skirt under. It not only makes your legs look super long but also takes the look to another level. If you have more ideas about how to match this dress, we are here waiting for your news!



Look3 - Seal Graphic Knit Top

We have a little cutie from the knit collection this month. It’s Seal Graphic Knit Top! We made the draped puff sleeve to match the cute image of Seal. And we chose pink as the color so the graphic in the front can be very eye-catching. We recommend you to match the top with a single color bottom cuz the top is very showy. The petite girl Lauren matched the top with a white denim skirt. The look is simple and fresh, and it doesn’t intensify how short she is. Xiaohe matched it with a pair of the blue jeans that everyone must have in their wardrobe. It kind of decreased the cuteness of this top. And Jessica matched the top with a midi blue denim skirt. The look is mature yet interesting.



Look4 - Check Ruffle Dress

We said this dress is the summer version of the Ruffle Band Collar Dress. Actually, we put in a lot of effort to make it “summer!” We chose white and blue as the color of the dress to create a refreshing summer look. For the silhouette, we designed cutouts on the shoulders so the top won’t look heavy. And the dress is shorter in front and longer in the back which makes the look interesting. We turned the ruffles into ribbons, if you look from the side, you will see a perfect arc!



Look5 - Floral Midi Skirt

Do you notice that the flowers on the skirt are not printed? They are actually stereoscopic flowers! The special fabric with stereoscopic flowers is the main feature of this skirt. And we chose the simple A-line midi skirt silhouette to set off the fabric. If you wanna wear it to an official occasion, you can wear it as a set like Xiaohe. It’s simple yet delicate. If you wanna wear it as a causal bottom, throw on a T-shirt and trainers and you are ready to go! You can also take another color apart from white, and match the top and the shoes together to balance the look. This skirt can be a perfect set and also an item that is easy to mix and match!



Look6 - Asymmetric Pleated Knit Skirt

Pleated skirt came back to the top trends this year! But there’s something different: The asymmetric cut! With the special cut, the skirt will go on another level, even just simply match a top with it, the look is amazing! Asymmetric Pleated Knit Dress has the asymmetric cut and the cream color. You can easily match the skirt with dark or bright color, even a colorful top will be great! It’s an item you must have in your wardrobe!



Look7 - Waistband Design Plaid Pants

Plaid has become one of the iconic elements of JENDES. This month, we are taking plaid to another stage. The waistband is designed as a flower. It also comes with a belt with the same fabric. The pants are in ankle length, so petite girls don’t have to worry if they are too long. You can also do like Lauren, roll the waistband up a bit. If you are a tall girl, they might look like a pair of calf-length pants. Have a look of the fitting report before purchasing!!



Look8 - Suit Shorts

Jen was wearing the whole set of the suit in front of the open elevator in the photos. Different from the suit before, we made this one with the semi-transparent light fabric so you can wear them during the summer! The silhouette of the shorts is different as well, we made the shorts a bit wider so your legs will look even slimmer. And the high-waist design can hide away your little belly. This is a highly recommended item to buy cuz it’s so good looking and practical!



Look9 - Asymmetric Striped Skirt

You can say this skirt is the superstar of June new arrivals. The skirt features the wrap silhouette with the belt and lining that you can adjust as you want it. The skirt was designed with the jacket silhouette, you can find the pockets and buttons similar to a suit. You can wear it as Xiaohe and Lauren topping up with a T-shirt or a knit top. Or you can wear it as director Jen or Jessica, tack the shirt inside the skirt to create a playful look. You can match the skirt with multiple different styles and ways, that’s the reason why it’s the most beloved item of JENDES team!

>The introduction for girls in different heights with our April new arrivals ends here. If you have some items you would like us to introduce, just let us know!

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