When we go on a trip, we always wanna share the beautiful photos from our visit on social media. A good photo requires excellent photography skills, amazing retouching technique, and your OOTD is the decisive factor as well. Outfits for an outing are usually not as fashionable as others since they need to be very comfortable for the trips. It’s even harder to prepare the clothes for an overseas trip. After all, some girls would just wear the most basic combination - a white top and a pair of jeans. But girls! It’s not that hard to go on a trip with your fashion outfits. Choosing an item with the collar can easily turn the casual look around. And take a look into the details to complete your own style. This way, a perfect photo of the trip would only require a shutter!


1.Standout by Mix and Match with Different Materials




Everyone has that thin and soft shirt dress in their closet. Adding some details to the collar and sleeves can make your shirt more than just ordinary. The silhouette is also one of the keys to making them look interesting.
Don’t put the shirt away if it’s soft and easily creased! You can put on a dress or an overall which is made of a stiff material such as leather. Topping up the shirt with an item is made of different fabrics that can totally change the style of the outfit. Andy ou can also add a sense of autumn to it!


2.Choosing an Oversized Suit Set




The popular oversized blazer is one of the best items that can suit both casual and formal outfits. Matching a suit set with your choice of shoes can easily complete your work or outing outfits. To pick the right blazer that suits you, you should choose the one which is 2-4 cm wider than your shoulder width. A pair of wide trousers can break the stereotypes of the suit and make the outfit effortless and casual. You can find this type of outfits on fashion street snaps, photos of celebrities arriving at the airport, or on popular Instagram posts.


3.A High-Quality Flattering Item


If you are lazy or you are that person who always has the luggage overweight, a shirt dress is the best solution for you! If you don’t want it to look way too casual, there are a few details that you need to note when purchasing. The ones with 3D tailoring and made of a thicker fabric can help to create a neat look. The ones combined different materials and patterns or the layered-look design can be the good ones too! A shirt dress with fashionable details can easily make you into a fashion icon!


4.A Mock-Turtleneck with a Color Block Design


“Collar” is not the synonym for shirts. Mock-turtleneck is one of the on-trend items lately. Throw on a mock-turtleneck can turn you into a hipster instantly. A turtleneck knit top is also a great item for the autumn weather. The maroon color makes the knit dress trendy instead of old-fashioned. And the color block mock-turtleneck creates the hipster look. You can simply match it with a pair of over-the-knee boots or daddy sneakers!

Consider the comfort of wear and then the beauty for your outing outfits. Don’t choose the items that make you and your friends not enjoy the trip. These are some tips to inspire your outing outfits. Please adjust to the best to fit your trip. Also, don’t forget to add your personal style to it!

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