If you are the reader that loves fashion, you must know about the four biggest fashion show in the world. All these cities rule the fashion trends, and we can’t lose any of them. New York is a big apple that contains different people, lots of culture and art activities, and various industries. And the new sparks are created so fast that you can’t even follow. Paris is the synonym of luxurious. Most of the first-class brands are based in Paris. It’s a place that breeds the elegant and vintage fashion. Milan has the best leather craft in the world and its unrestrained creativity is irreplaceable. Thus, London has a very special position among all the others. It is historic but also innovative. People are fascinated by its conflict characters- vintage and also forward. The British bearings and street culture also reflect on their fashion trends.


Make a Decent Look with One Set





When you talk about British style, you must relate it to suits and plaids. You can find the trace of British bearings in their formal wear.




We put an effort into the silhouette to create a really neat look. The silhouette is made from the classic pattern, and we added cutouts on the shoulders. Showing a bit of shoulder adds a sense of modern style to the vintage look. The low-profile and delicate grey plaid will make your outfits super neat no matter how you mix and match!


Make a Sexy Look with One Set




What comes to your mind when talking about British ladies? I guess it’d be the beautiful accent and intelligence. They are elegant and confident, very attractive that they don’t need to try to be cute. This kind of sexiness does not come from revealing. Knit halter top create the intelligent look and the warm colorblock makes this suit set young and delicate. The silhouette is neat, and it brings out the gentleness. It’s sexy yet offbeat.


Make a Cool Look with One Set



London is famous for its rain. It rains soft but long. It’s also the reason that British doesn’t like to use umbrellas. What they need for this kind of weather is a nice jacket that keeps them nice and dry. And the pockets are very important too. Leather jacket meets all the needs and also very good looking. This navy blue leather jacket and skirt set is made from the idea. The skirt is designed with A-line silhouette, so it can easily fit for girls in different shape. The look is kind of like the 60’. This outfit can suit girls in any different height and shape. You can wear it when it rains, or whenever you wanna be cool.

Sets are being very popular recently. If you are keen to try but don’t want to attract too much attention, or you are not confident about how to match the clothes, we have got you prepared! JENDES has these British style suit sets for you that can save your time and be fashionable without making any mistakes!/span>

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