Compared to monochrome clothing, items with pattern printed are easier to match between different styles and increase your fashion taste. Thought animal prints very eye-catching, they don’t always match everyone, and are quite a bold choice sometimes. As for Polka dot, it is, of course, modern and retro, but sometimes you worry about the pattern too cute and ordinary.
Plaid is in many ways more approachable than the two relatively extreme patterns mentioned above. The intersection of several neat lines carries out a simple but warm, perfectly symmetrical scene, which is generally liked by British gentlemen for its appropriacy. Nowadays, plaid is not limited to male’s formal wear anymore. The imprinting feature of the pattern allows designers to always have new ideas around it. Girls who are full of flexibility also try to mix and match some brand new looks with the plaid. "Girly plaid" has long been a hot cake in the fashion field, don’t tell us that you haven’t tried it yet!

The bigger, the better.

Put all your heavy winter coats and dark-toned sweaters back to the closet, it is a great time to embrace new looks in spring and summer. Lantern sleeves that have created a trend these years is an especially must-try. In addition to liberate the over-properly impression of the shirt, the biggest advantage of the lantern sleeves is that the wide sleeves can be used to bring out the figure of your upper body and hide your flabby arms while maintaining breathable. It is definitely a safe-feeling but stylish choice in spring and summer.



This cuffed sleeve top might look decent at first sight, but in fact, the basic cut and see-through design create a unique low-key look. The white base woven with the nude-toned plaid enables your skin to breathe while the body is well covered, radiating a sense of natural sexiness.




This lantern sleeved long dress can give you a picture of the hottest style in recent years. It is like European country girl’s daily wear, retro, innocent, simple and beautiful. The delicate, earth-toned fine grain faithfully reappears the color of the farm life, where people commit to respect and live with nature no matter on planting, eating or selecting colors. This forest-like atmosphere of the dress is perfect to match with casual shoes with a similar tone, just that simple and easy, to show your natural and practical side.




The off-shoulder bell sleeve top is the most essential summer theme, cleverly show your collarbones, the slimmest part of the whole body, and use the loose and elegant sleeves to create an airy sense and cover the chubbiness that you’re unwilling to face. The crop-top design instantly stretches the visual proportions, highlighting your long legs especially when matching a boot cut pants on the lower body, it’s just nothing but a masterpiece! Moreover, the color of this piece is based on the British grayscale tone with bright green color flash, so that the overall atmosphere not too dreamy, intellectual but lively, it’s a clothes joker among other off-shoulder bell sleeve tops on the market.

Double Plaid, well played!

The previous article has mentioned that suits are a popular trend. As the classic pattern of the suits, plaid shows its diversity and harmony of matching the upper and lower body. We see a lot of pants matchings, let’s take a look of the play of spring/ summer girly Double Plaid!




If you want to try matching two different plaids, there are a few tips that can reduce the chance of going wrong. First of all, it is recommended to choose the plaids of the same color tone for the upper and lower body. In spring and summer, you can try the mesh see-through fabric with pure white as background color with fresh blue and black double grid embroidery, the larger the grid spacing can make the whole set visually lighter and more textured. In addition, the size and direction of the plaid will also affect visual comfort. We would recommend you to match items with the same plaid sewing directions with each other. Matching plaids of different sizes under this principle will not look messy or go any wrong.




If you don't want to make mistakes on your outfits but still willing to give it a try, just pick a set of plaid suits! Compared with the checkered suit, isn’t this plaid Tracksuit jacket and skirt make you feel more approachable? The cute little tassel details and the trendy ribbon mix and match the eye-catching freshness, making it a set of atypical playful suits! The most amazing thing is that the jacket and the skirt can be worn separately and you can easily create two sets of outfits out of them both, very suitable for the unpredictable spring weather. Plaid is often linked to British style and autumn/winter outfits. In fact, there is no pattern or texture that has to be or can only be worn in certain weather or purpose. The only thing in fashion that for sure remains is the constant change. Through design and outfits, let us give plaid a new season, play some new ideas different from autumn/winter!

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