There are always a few days of the year that make you feel lonely, right? Valentine's Day is just one of the ordinary days. The sun rises and falls, the time flows just like every other day. It’s still the same, it doesn’t change because of the additional commercial setups. Put away your loneliness! We especially put forward 4 proposals for you on the day that everyone deserves to be happy. Follow JENDES and enjoy your single Valentine’s Day!


Give Yourself A Relaxing Afternoon


Gossiping all the time when you go cafes with your besties? Try to spare some time out for yourself. Find a quiet and comfortable place, order your favorite beverage, and sit down comfortably. You can bring the novel that you have read halfway through but lay on your bedside table for a long time with you, or just waste time watching the scenery outside of the windows. Enjoy an afternoon with coffee aroma will be your first step in getting along with yourself.



Wonderful Home Time for The Single Lady


With age, the energy of leaving home and going outside becomes lower and lower. Why not stay at home and enjoy it! Turn on your computer and start bingo-watching! Boys on TV shows are more reliable than the ones in real life. Or just stay on the couch, have a cup of americano, and read a magazine. Enjoy single Valentine’s Day in the most simply way!



Enjoy a Countryside Trip Alone


Living in the city for a long time, the simple life in the suburbs has become a luxury yearning for city girls. Imagine living in a large bungalow with breathy air, and once stepping outside all you can see is the calming sea. As if all the troubles are far away. There’s no time to hesitate! Pack your favorite clothes in the boarding case and head on a trip. Stay away from the turmoil of the city, and get back that simple happy self!



Put On Your Most Fashionable Outfit and Enter the Battlefields


If you don’t like the above schemes, and you are not afraid of PDA on the road, then we recommend that you wear the most gorgeous clothes, show all the couples that you are the superstar, and go shopping! Nothing is more enjoyable than shopping for every girl. Add two pieces of new clothes or accessories to your closet, and then buy a set of skincare products that make you shine. It’s not only practical but also happiness overload!


The topic of women's independence is becoming increasingly hot. Many articles tell us that we can have a better life just by ourselves. There’s no need to compare the life of one or with someone. Have a good time, whether you are being veg or enriching your life, as long as you live in the present with a positive mind, every day is a happy day!

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