I think many of you are just like me, enjoying spending time in the cafe to snatch a little leisure from the busy life. There are coffee shops everywhere that people can step into at any time of the day. Instead of being dazzled by countless cafes, our Machi Doggie Café is always my first choice and my favorite cafe among all the others.

Machi Doggie Café is a dog-friendly cafe. Bring your furry little one with you and enjoy the quality time in our cafe. During weekdays, dogs are welcome in the seating area with leashes on. And if you forget your stroller, don’t worry, we have them here in the cafe as well.



There are a few that I recommend you to try on our menu.

Machi Marshmallow Coffee Latte

We use the high-quality coffee bean from the top coffee brand, Illy. As a cafe owner, Illy is my first choice of coffee beans. Its great consistency and stability of the beans make the coffee taste perfect every time. Machi marshmallow coffee latte is a limited edition from our menu. Different from other coffee shops, we use Machi shaped marshmallow instead of milk foam to create the 3D latte art, which can last longer in the cup and even taste silkier than the foam. I’m sure you will enjoy the cute Machi peeking out from the coffee cup.


Mentaiko Creamy Shrimp Spaghetti

This plate is a must-eat for me. We tried many different recipes and finally came out with the creamy and zesty spaghetti. I eat it every time I come here. I think you should try it too!



Bubble Tea and Vanilla Ice Cream Souffle Pancake

In our latest menu, we upgraded Liege waffles to souffle pancakes. With the secret recipe and the special baking techniques, we make the incredibly airy and fluffy pancakes. Our cafe located in the popular tourist spot - Ximending, so bubble Tea and vanilla ice cream souffle pancake became our best seller. Combine the famous bubble tea, the pancakes serve with delicious chewy boba and milk tea flavored mousse.

Apple & Lichi Cotton Candy Soda

We decided to make something adorable and use cotton candy to make a special drink just for our customers. We put fresh fruits in the soda making it colorful and refreshing and place the cotton candy on top. The aroma and the flavor of the spun sugar from the cotton candy well combined with the fruity soda. It tastes especially delicious when the cotton candy melts into the soda.



Cold Brew Coffee

Our cold brew coffee maker is a gift that our agent gave me and my husband. I hope the coffee it makes can put a smile on our customers’ faces. We serve our cold brew coffee in the perfume bottle because I think it offers an intense and sophisticated flavor which is just similar to the top note and base note of the perfume.

(CREDIT:Machi Doggie Coffee)

Once I have time, I go to Machi Doggie Café to relax and have a cup of coffee. Almost forgot to tell you that we play vintage movies and also sports events! Maybe next time we will meet each other in the cafe. See you soon!

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Store Information


Machi Doggie Coffee

No.162-2, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108

+886 2 2311 2227

12:00-21:00(last orders at 20:00)


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