We are celebrating the second anniversary of JENDES! We are still focusing on creating a "brand that presents oneself", and we continue to provide a more delicate, innovative, and humanized wearing experience for each character.
At every important moment in life, we hope to inspire girls to bravely welcome the new roles of life, and at the same time not forget to gain new insights from the old roles that were played before. Don't be afraid! Let time pass through and leave a mark of growing up, take away some of the old self, but also add new experiences and new ideas.
Embrace the new and upgraded version of Slashie Life 2.0 with JENDES and the director!





Mother 2.0

"I will give as much as possible to my family and children, and I will work harder to become better and become a stronger mother."

Director Jen experienced a period of turmoil when she first became a mother, she was at a loss when faced with the crying babies. But these two cute little babies have enriched the director Jen's life even though she is busier. Because being a mother, the director has the opportunity to know who she is in a different direction: kinder but stronger. Only discovered that the children taught us to grow in the invisible, and helped us become stronger and better self!






Model / Actress 2.0

"I know it’s difficult to be an actor at the beginning. It's been very helpful to me since I started working as a model. I learned how to put in emotions quickly and show different emotions in front of the camera. My passion for acting has always been strong."

The director wanted to act from the beginning, but it was difficult for her to have a chance without experience. So she started as a model and learned to face the camera from each different scene. There is also a practice of changing emotions in every quick-change shooting, and accurately interpreting professional expressions. After gradually having acting opportunities, director Jen realized that these previously seemingly unrelated work experiences have quietly become a physical imprint to help her integrate into the role more quickly and switch emotions for acting in real-time. After being able to express herself easily under the lens, the director enjoys acting even more. By playing the lives of different roles, experience the life history and state of mind that she never had, such as killer, secret agent, so that the director can have a ball while working!






Designer 2.0

"When JENDES was sprouting in my heart, I was convinced that I wanted to create a brand that presents oneself. I hope that everyone can dress up in their own charm and personality, and not allow anyone to define you."

When JENDES was first established, the styles of several collections were developed based on director Jen’s private daily preferences, and we designed the denim style that would not be trying too hard but effortless, and a jumpsuit with a feminine look. However, after we interacted with the community and fans at the Pop Shop event, we collected more voices and feedback. We found that everyone likes items that can be easily integrated into daily life, but at special festivals, they also want to wear clothes with a strong sense of design. Therefore, after stabilizing the classic style of JENDES, we have further launched
#NYDebutCollections, a series of movie show style costumes. Strive to achieve a balance between fashion avant-garde and daily wear, and design the most suitable outfits for all of the girls! Every year JENDES evolves slowly from the inside out. Continue to maintain the original intention of 1.0, faced with external changes, fully upgraded to 2.0, together to become a brand new self.

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