Same as usual, we invited girls between 155cm to 170cm to do the shootings for our new items. This time we had our models try on all of our new arrivals, and also match the new ones with our previous products. We wanna give you not only the advice of how to dress with different height but also some fresh ideas of how to mix and match. Jump in and have a look with me!


Petite Girl - CiaCia
Height 155cm
Weight 40kg


Medium Height Girl - Ping Ping
Height 160 cm
Weight 42 kg


Rangy Girl - Xina Sui
Height 170 cm
Weight 52 kg





Look1 - Off-The-Shoulder Overall Shorts

I think it’s not our first time to see this overall. Director Jen wore it and posted it on her Instagram a while ago. And it’s one of the items that people keep asking about. If you don’t pay attention, you might think it’s a denim dress, but it’s actually an overall shorts! You can move and run freely in it. And the design of the hem of the shorts will make your legs look super long! And the shoulder straps will bring out the sexiness! Wanna dress sexy but effortless? This one is your best choice!

▸Tips: Add a belt to draw your waistline!



Look2 - Colorblock Knit Cami Dress

Director Jen once said on her Instagram that this dress is super hot! And exactly like what she said, all our models look super sexy in this dress! The side splits that we modified so many times can make girls in different heights look so nice and sexy. The collar and the straps will hide away the side boobs and make you look perfect from all directions!

▸Tips: It’s too boring for you to wear one-piece? Throw on a cropped jacket to complete the look!



Look3 - Colorblock Cutout Knit Top

Wanna dress something sexy but not too much this summer? This is the one that you shouldn’t miss out! This top covers up all your arms and only reveals the skinniest shoulders. And the cutouts on the waist can make you look curvier. The cutest part of the top is that the rainbow from the body and the sleeves can match into a line! You will be amazed by its silhouette and the colors!

▸Tips: If you don’t have confidence in showing your waistline, you can pair it with high-waist jeans! Your legs will look very long, and you don’t need to show your skin!



Look4 - Mesh Colorblock Knit Dress

Doesn’t the off-the-shoulder design makes the look particularly feminine? The mesh on the chest shows a bit of skin, and making the whole person look slimmer! Girls from 155cm to 170cm can all wear it as a dress. For the girls taller than 160cm, can also wear the satin split dress underneath to create a different look!

▸Tips: If you want to look formal, you can put on a pair of ankle boots. They can make your legs look much longer!



Look5 - Colorful Rib Tweed Skirt

When sport style met the luxury fabric tweed, it became the Colorful Rib Tweed Skirt! This skirt can get you all sorted for both formal and casual look. If you like the luxury style, you can wear it as a set just like director Jen and CiaCia. If you like to make a casual look, throw on a T-shirt and you are ready to go! And if you wanna wear it to work, match it with a shirt or a chiffon top! Isn’t it a multifunctional item?

▸Tips: As long as you choose the plain color, you don’t have to worry about being too gaudy!



Look6 - Check Embroidered Mesh Skirt

To talk about the best bottom to match with clothes this month, the Check Embroidered Mesh Skirt must be able to squeeze into the top ranks. The length of the skirt suits girls in all different heights. It’s not too long and also not too short. And topping up with a white shirt can never go wrong! The breathable mesh fabric is nice and cool for the hot summer weather!

▸Tips: If you don't know how to match, you can choose the blue or white top, and the look will not go wrong!



Look7 - Drape Band Collar Dress

The details of this dress are superb, from front to back, from the neckline, chest, cuffs to the waist are full of thin folds and ruffles, with these decorations it brings out the beautiful silhouette of the dress. It swings naturally while you walk. It will look very sweet!

▸Tips: If you don't like to have a sweet look, you can also match it with a black top. You will look slim and cool!



Look8 - Star Embroidered Flare Trousers

From last year to this year, the flared trousers have always been seen in fashion trends. So this month we released the Star Embroidered Flare Trousers to make all of you become the most fashionable ones! Unlike the previous sporty style, Star Embroidered Flare Trousers are in a more formal and everyday style. You can match it with a knit top with a loose silhouette, a T-shirt, a cropped top, even a formal top can make a perfect look!

▸Tips: A petite girl can pair it with slightly thicker shoes to match the length of the trousers.



Look9 - Ruffle Plaid Trousers

JENDES signature plaid collection has new items this month! The pockets and hem of the trousers are decorated with ruffles, which make the pants more lovely. You can throw on a top with a playful pattern or a more eye-catching stitch. And of course, you can also wear plain chiffon or shirt with it to go to work!

▸ Tips: Girls below 155cm are recommended to match them with the shoes with heels, so the trousers won’t be too long for you!

The introduction for girls in different heights with our April new arrivals ends here. If you have some items you would like us to introduce, just let us know!

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