The word “Slashie” appears in a lot of different information recently. It’s original from the book One Person/ Multiple Careers by Marci Alboher, the columnist of The New York Times. According to her book, she said that the young generation no longer satisfied with one single occupation, many people tend to have multiple careers and capacities.
The diverse lifestyle helps people fulfill their self-actualisation, at the same time, keeping getting stimulations and creativities from switching between different occupation. This type of lifestyle is actually not rare for the performing artists, most of them are “Slashies.”



Slashies often introduce themselves with many slashes, for example, Jen Wu is an actress/ model/ fashion design director/ entrepreneur. Because of the slashes, they are called as “Slashie.”

All the capabilities that director Jen has seem to be glamorous, but to complete Jen as a person, there is another 50% of her hiding under the spotlight. How is Jen when she is not watching by anyone? It’s so mysterious and also makes people wanna know so badly!

Journal of Flying



Director Jen spends almost ⅓ of the year flying around the world because of her work, and she stays in hotels for most of the time. It makes her homesick for being away from home, but staying in different hotels always spices up her journey even she travels to the cities that she has been to many times.
Sometimes she chooses the hotels that she is familiar with. Because of the full work schedule, it’s very important to stay in a comfortable and convenient place. During the Paris Fashion Week, Jen needed to wake up early to get ready , try on the clothes, and take some breakfast. After watching the show, she went to see some workshops, showrooms to learn more about fashion industries. After a busy day running around with high heels, Jen came up with the idea of shooting the new arrivals in the hotel that she was staying. Even Jen has a very long day, she will always put her heart into delivering her beloved design to the customers.

Smart Packing for Travel



Some say that you can tell who a person really is by seeing what’s in their bag. Jen is always fast and accurate in private, as well as when she packs her luggage. Jen loves street styles, she always puts a few pieces of shirts and designers skirts in her luggage. Once there is a meeting or a dinner, she can easily mix and match a few sets of fashionable official outfits from what she brings.
When Jen is outside, she loves to have a delicate small bag with her. She usually carries her AirPods, hand cream, coin pouch, and sunglasses in her bag. You might have noticed from the street snaps of Jen that she loves wearing sunglasses. A pair of nice glasses can be a great plus to the outfit, and they can also cover up your panda eyes if you didn’t sleep well from the night before. Sunglasses are definitely one of the most important items in Jen’s bag! Another thing that director Jen can’t live without is the movie script. Jen focuses on her actress career a lot recently. When she is commuting between works, she reads the movie script instead of taking a nap. She reads between the lines over and over again and tries to act as how the character is to bring the best performance to the audience.


Most of the people have the impression of Jen as gentle, sweet, and quiet. She has a leisure manner in private as well, but she is also accurate. She once said that she makes all the decisions herself, none of them are being forced, so she is doing what she wanna do every moment. She’s enjoying the family time when she keeps her children company. She’s enjoying as an actress when she acts as the movie character. She’s enjoying the accomplishment when she completes the design of clothes. Of course, you may feel down sometimes, but all of these are your own choices, so it doesn’t matter if you fail.


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