All of a sudden, it’s 2020! Did you have a good year last year? Were you seeking the difference between living and surviving? Were you being lost but at the same time reaching to something? Were you stepping over and over just trying to find a breakthrough? For JENDES, we took all the ups and downs as an adventure. There were good and bad among the way. We were running back and forth between hanging on and giving up. And finally, we moved forward after understanding and learning. In the first month of 2020, let us regain the heart of adventure, replenish our courage as a traveler, and set foot on the unknown of the journey again.


Shuttling Through the Urban Jungle with Safari Jacket




Learning from the classic appearance of the hunting jacket of the British Army stationed in India in the 19th century: relaxed shoulders, large pockets, and waist belts. It was originally designed for the convenience of soldiers walking in the jungle. JENDES incorporates such practical features into this highly eye-catching Safari Jacket. We abandoned the earthy colors such as military green and sand color and changed it to the low-key dark blue. Shorts, military boots or narrow pants can perfectly interpret the new adventure style of 2020’s modern version.


Safari Suit - The Clothes of Gorgeous Office Workers




In the movie Out Of Africa and The Mummy, you can see female explorers wearing Safari Suits that are practical and feminine. The look of built-in pockets and tailored style has been deeply loved by the fashion world. JENDES took the materials from various adventure classics from the past to the present and incorporated the collars of the cape coat introduced by Yves Saint Laurent in 1970 to add a sense of design to the whole set. The pleated fishtail on the skirt echoes the flowing pieces with pointed tips, which greatly reduces the stiff uncomfortable look that Safari Suit usually produces. This set is our favorite! And it’s very suitable to wear to the office. Roll up your sleeves and face the challenges of 2020!



Walk with Confidence with Safari Cloak





In the past two years, the cloak was one of the most popular elements of autumn-winter fashion week. You can find its cute and childlike figure in the functional clothing brands The North Face and Hyke or the high-end brands Chanel and MiuMiu. Considering the height and body shape of Asian girls, and the rainy weather, JEDES brought a lightweight woolen cloak based on the Safari suit. It will not look cumbersome. Don’t even worry being way too vintage by choosing the retro style. You can simply match it with a white shirt or a fitted halter top inside. What’s even better? Put your hands in the pockets, and it becomes a mobile heater! It’s stylish yet comfortable!




Apart from the formal styles which are suitable for work, there are also sweaters with small cape shapes on the upper sleeves. Whether it is to wear a pair of skinny pants and go out, or pairing up with a skirt for a date. Small details can add a little fresh breath into the look of 2020!

Thank you for 2019, our caring fans. This year, please let JENDES’ clothing continue to accompany the ordinary days and every special moment in your life. Everything from last year doesn’t matter anymore, stop worrying about them! Don’t look back across the past! Today is a new fresh start!

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