In addition to the four major Fashion Weeks worldwide, Copenhagen Fashion Week (CBHFW) which was established in 1968, has gradually become the most eye-catching fashion festival in Northern Europe. Many emerging brands with new ideas have injected lively energy into the fashion industry. Besides the excitements on the runway, the outfits you’ll find on the streets of Copenhagen also gives the street snaps fully nordic fantasy.
Different from the impression of nordic minimalist, Copenhagen Fashion Week will absolutely subvert your imagination. The bright and rich color blocks, the mixture of boutique fashion and sports style are all the traits that the Nothern Europe has, charming and refreshing, something different from the four major fashion weeks of the world. This combination of fashion and comforts and the functional-based aesthetics matches the director’s idea of JENDES's new design coincidently, now, let’s dive into Hannah's mind and take a look of how she breaks away from the ordinary with outfit items and fantasizes herself to the Copenhagen Fashion Week with beautiful daylight!


Keeping a piece of unique self

Neat-finished partitions in office, stationary with no emotions and stacks of documents to be worked on, don’t you feel lifeless simply thinking about them? You’re not alone. At this time, you are the only one who can add some sparkle to the discipline life and retaining the inherent uniqueness.


This set of plaid suits may look neat and professional from a distance, but it has the details which can provide you with a little pleasure of breaking the rules. The bottom is designed to be an irregular length skorts with lively fluorescent green side-strips. The other set creates a visual sense of layers in the same-toned skirt with the design of stacking fabrics to express the elegance refreshingly, and allows you to keep a bit of your unique self at the same time meeting the expectations of the society.




Keeping a piece of romantic self


(CREDIT: Getty Images)


The main reason that Copenhagen Fashion Week is so amiable and makes people feel so welcomed is that in the street snaps you’ll always find a big smile on the faces, a combination of trendy, exaggerated, but never left comfortness and function out on the outfit design. It seems that no one is dressing up intentionally, but to incorporate these playful matchings into their everyday life.


The Bermuda shorts trend in recent years are no longer merely functional, but the outfits exploring the sporty style of life. Different from the consistent tight cut, the slightly loose top forms the contrast with the close-fitting bottom. As for the decoration, the top is blended with some romantic wrinkles, to make a cute gap from the sporty curve line. No matter you’re really going on a bike ride or you’re just going out on a street, to put on this set, you’re the casual chic!




The new collection might be a bit out of some of your comfort zones this time, that you’re concerned that there might be judgments on the outfits. Don’t forget that it’s your own life and you should be the one to take control of what impressions you want to show the world you are every day, rather than anyone else. We should all be brave and dress our fantasy, to express ourselves, and to embrace ourselves.

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