We can find articles about actresses from the 90s on the internet quite often, and they are usually written with yearnings. Dwelling in the past and stop moving forward is not good for you. But looking back once in a while wouldn’t hurt. There’s nobody can say no to the 90s. During those days without filters and plastic surgery, the fashion focused on setting off the manner of the actress.
Actresses nowadays are still wearing the simple crop top with a neat look. This kind of outfit makes people leave a strong impression. Can you still recognize them with the outfits from the 90s?


That Girl from the Series that Everyone Loves





This actress became a world-known actress after playing the role of Rachel Green in the most popular American TV series Friends. Even now she is still highly active in the entertainment industry. At the beginning of the story, Rachel started to work at the cafe under the apartment as a waitress since her father cut her off without a penny. In this situation, Rachel didn’t lose her sense of fashion, we can still see her wearing stunning outfits in the series. She was not wearing heavy in the winter. She cleverly chose a cropped knit top and a woolen mini skirt and topped up with the apron from the cafe. She exposed some certain areas of skin and reserved others. Her sexiness exposed between the greetings and the time when she poured coffee.

Ans. Jennifer Aniston


The Spotlight on the Red Carpet, The Rebel Girl that All the People Trying to Be



(CREDIT: WireImage/ Ron Galella)


She was that little girl with pigtails in the movie E.T. from 1982. She came from a family that is active in the entertainment industry. Most of her childhood was exposed under the spotlight. You can say that she is the IT Girl of the 90s. During her teens, her simple, cute, and slightly decadent Grunge look was the eye-catcher on the red carpet. She likes to mix and match. She wore a fluffy cropped knit top with a pair of distressed jeans and matched them up with a pair of boots. The look is filled with her own personality, and it was also like the outfit to show the whole American that she is no longer the little sweet girl from your impression, to show that she has grown up and she’s ready for more challenges and developments. After that, she did successfully walk out of the past impression and explored various aspects of acting, such as Charlie’s Angels, and Music and Lyrics. And her most popular ones are romance and comedies.

Ans. Drew Barrymore


Miss American’s Sweetheart who has the Sweetest Smile of the World



(CREDIT: Folkr)


She is an excellent actress with great acting skills and unique charisma. Her bright and strong facial features are no limitations. You can say that the 90s was the peak of this American’s Sweetheart’s career. She’s the crude prostitute from Pretty Woman. She’s the brave single mom from Erin Brockovich. She’s the perfect superstar from Notting Hill. She acts all the roles vividly and plays with colorful personalities.
Such a one-lined actress with a charming smile doesn’t need much decoration. Her private attire is always simple and comfortable. The set of cropped top and pants made her figure beautiful, but it didn’t over-emphasized. The classic stripe color is simple. Her charm easily jumped out in this outfit! Less is More perfectly reflected on her.

Ans. Julia Roberts

Going through all these old photos, we can see that the classics never die, and fashion is actually a circle. The actresses may look different within the 30 years' time, but how amazing that we can see their ups and downs throughout their outfits, and maybe try to understand how life was during the time we never lived. The cropped fashion is now back on fire after 30 years! Get your waist ready, it’s time for vintage crops!!

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