Since 2017, we can find many solid-colored designs which focus on the structure and asymmetrical cut on the sleeve, the skirt or collage on the runway. As a designer who sees breaking away from the boring routine as my own duty, using the element “asymmetric” became one of the easiest ways to make the basic items stand out from others. Also, an outfit with multiple different fabrics and asymmetrical design can be the best for a person who loves fashion. The element “asymmetric” is popular in the fashion world, and it’s also the key to break the boring design. How can you not get one in your wardrobe this summer?


From Complex to Simple: Solution for the Burning Summer

In the last fashion week, we noticed there was a very different trend standing out from the others. It’s the minimalist style from the 90’. Different from the design that tries to impress people with the special look, minimalist style focuses more on using different fabrics and adding asymmetric details to highlight the calm and effortless manner of a person. Combined the simple yet neat cut and the solid black and white colored design, it became one of the most popular styles for office ladies.


(CREDIT: HYKE for The North Face SS2019 / JENDES Asymmetric Midi Dress )


(CREDIT: Jason Wu RESORT 2019 / JENDES Ruched Waist Midi Dress)


(CREDIT: Jil Sander Pre-Fall2019 / JENDES Long Sleeves Asymmetric Dress)


(CREDIT: JACQUEMUS 2018 ready-to-wear / JENDES Asymmetric Cut Up Top)


(CREDIT: JACQUEMUS 2018 ready-to-wear / JENDES Asymmetric Cut Up Top)


From Spring Summer to Autumn Winter Outfits: Tips for Street Snaps

If you love fashion and styling, you must have a pair of “asymmetric midi skirt” this year! It might seem a bit hard to mix and match, but it actually goes very well with a T-shirt, a shirt, or a crew neck! It is also the reason why celebrities love to wear it to the press conference or street snaps. It is just one simple item but it creates a very high-end style. How can you not wear it if it’s such a perfect item? If you like something more than “basic”, you can pick the ones with different fabrics, such as denim or plaid pattern fabric to balance the formal look.


(CREDIT: Fashion Editor Taylor Tomasi Hill / JENDES Asymmetric Plaid Skirt)

It’s definitely worthwhile to invest a pair the skirt that you can wear from summer to winter. You can match it with different items during the summer, and just simply throw on a jacket during the winter! You don’t need too much eye-catching design, only with the asymmetric details can make you stand out from the crowd.
If you are an adventurous like director Jen, you can match the skirt with an asymmetric top to create your own stylish look!


(CREDIT: 2019PFW Street Snap / JENDESAsymmetric Ruffle Denim Skirt)


(CREDIT: 2019PFW Street Snap / JENDESAsymmetric Ruffle Denim Skirt)

No matter you are into simple outfits or you like to layering up, we can ensure you that the asymmetric items are your must-have this year! Changing the structure of the clothes is similar to adjusting our mindsets. Putting on an asymmetric item this summer can probably cool down the heat and make you fall in love with the summer!/span>

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