Jeans have become the must-have items for everyone since they came out during the 90s. There are the most basic jeans pants, and after there are denim skirts. And now denim jackets are very popular as well. All the jeans items are very easy to mix and match, and super eye-catching. We shared a post about denim jackets in the early July when our website was first launched. After that, JENDES released a few more jeans items. Let’s take a look at what they are, and find an out your whole-week outfits of jeans!→ MOST INVENTIVE AND PLAYFUL LOOKS: DENIM JACKETS

MON: Oh No! It’s Monday……

Monday is always the bluest day of the week, I guess you are also not in the mood to take too much time on picking up what to wear. I’d like to put on some simple clothes to save my time for a few minutes of sleep. If you would like to have a Monday lazy outfit like me, I recommend you my outfits during the LA trip. Pair a T-shirt with jeans is the most simple yet classic. And this MONDAY Graphic Tee can not only present your Monday mood but also bring you some warm sunshine from the yellow color for your Monday.



TUE: Okay, It’s Tuesday. Let’s get dressed!

After Monday, I guess we all recover a bit from the blue and would like to get dressed. But does it happen to you too? When standing in front of your wardrobe, you’re always choosing between what you usually wear. Jeans skirt is probably an item that all the girls love. And it can be more creative than pairing it with a T-shirt. Throw a knit top on your denim skirt! It might become your new favorite! This is your new Tuesday outfit, elegant yet sharp.



WED: Happy Hump Day!

Finally, it’s hump day today! Busy meeting your clients and also wanna spend some chill time too? Wanna catch up with your besties and have a drink together? Okay then, I think the denim skirt is your best choice again. Denim skirt topped with a shirt is good for work and also interesting. When your clients are asking you for too much work, you can let them see what’s written on your right arm, and say to them “I’m brilliant!” Be serious at work, and have a drink with friends after work with this outfit!



THU: We are almost there!!!

I think Thursday is the second blue day after Monday. It feels like I’m in a never-ending race, I keep running but haven’t got to the weekend yet. Boost yourself up with some colorful items when you wake up tired in the morning. Cropped Ankle Skinny Jeans and the colorful knit top is the best combination for you to run to the weekend! Cheer up!




It’s finally Friday! No matter where you go for the night, you should dress with your wildness and craziness. Denim on denim is super cool for your crazy night out. And you can wear whatever you like in the denim jacket. A sexy tank top or a casual T-shirt can both be perfect for the outfit!



SAT: Date Night, Saturday Night!

Did you have a big night last night? If you are a hangover, no worries, you can sleep till whenever on Saturday. Wake up and watch an episode of TV series, take a shower, put some makeup on, and get ready for a date! Wanna wear something different from your usual dating dress? Try the shirt on denim shorts! Take your shirt from Wednesday and pair it with a pair of denim shorts. You can tack half of the shirt in and leave half outside of the shorts. It looks effortless and a tad sexy!



SUN: Family Time!

Sunday is the day for the family. No matter how busy I am during the week, I take my day off on Sunday and spend time with family. Maybe I’d get up early and get ready for a walk with the family. But what I’m gonna wear then? Wanna wear something presentable but not too cheesy? A Logo Tape Tee and a pair of jeans will be your best outfit! It’s simple but not boring, casual and also looks sharp. The Logo Tape brings out the style and matches well with jeans.



Jeans are your best friend, you can never go wrong with jeans. We are very proud of JENDES jeans items. We discuss and discuss, modify and modify until the design and the fabric comes to the best. I hope you guys get some new ideas for your jeans outfit and also learn more about JENDES jeans items from today’s sharing. Till the next time! Ciao!

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