The outfit tutorial articles we read are mostly about fashion trend- or special holiday-themed outfits. However, most of the people spend half of their time at work, and what to wear to work, rather than red carpet or party outfits, is what bothers them the most. Of course, when facing the same colleagues as a repeating daily routine, matching different outfit every day would be a decision as difficult as “what’s for lunch?”
In this September, right at the time between summer and autumn, JENDES selected several earth-tone Palette items from our September New Arrivals, to provide office ladies who are busy on both personal and business affairs some smart and easy offices outfit options.


Outfit 1: Contrast Stitching Shorts + Ruffled Cutout Shirt

Tired of the ordinary white shirt and black pants combinations? Outfit 1 should be a nice and fashionable option to be given a try. The shorts are made of stiff fabrics that are easy but still elegant and are perfect with long-sleeved shirts to create a layered look, especially the ladies with pretty legs. As for the top, we have chosen a shirt with many delicate details. Hidden under the neutral stripe pattern are the ruffle and cutout details, allow you to show your identity in the office. Not too boring, not too mad, but just right.


Outfit 2: Ruffle Long Knit Top



Don’t panic when you’re facing the “almost late gotta grab and wear whatever it’s the nearest” situation. For the lower body, all-matching jeans or a pair of black pants would definitely do, and a top with detailed and in-build style at this time will allow you to get ready and show up in breakfast takeaway in no time. If you want to try more, layer your upper and lower body further accordingly by textures, through the impact of knit and denim fabric, you can enrich the visual impression of the two-item-only office outfit.


Outfit 3. Layered-Mesch Trench Coat


Wednesday, don’t you sometimes feel like your energy is halved at this point of the week and have no more extra strength and interest to match your office outfit? This is the time to take out the unique statement piece from the closet! This fashionable coat has many recently popular designs: wide sleeves, translucent and nude-tone elements. Not to worry about what you’re wearing inside the coat, simple all-black or a white tee with a pair of jeans will be enough and leave all other credits to the statement piece! Putting on this Layered-Mesch Trench Coat can not only blocks the coolness from the office air-con but also catches all the eyesight easily!


Outfit 4. Pleated Cropped Knit Top + Pleated Knit Pants = Colourblock Athleisure outfit



Athleisure, the combination of "athletics" and "leisure", are deeply loved by the hipsters. Being fashionable without sacrifices the comfortness is the key point of the Athleisure's trend. Office workers often sit for 8 hours a day, not to mention that they have to work overtime if unlucky. The style of Athleisure, in this situation, is very suitable for office workers in industries that don’t require wearing formal outfits. This JENDES’ knitted Athleisure set have perfectly matched from color to single items for you. The set is sampled from the Tracksuit, but we focus more on the details: the crop top, square collar with wide straps, bootcut pants and other recently popular elements will absolutely not make you look like someone going jogging in the gym, rather someone who’s got the taste!

All the above-mentioned outfits that are extended from our September New Arrivals can actually not only be built by JENDES’ products. After getting the principles of our matches, you’ll be able to spot the items that are suitable for your working environments more consciously when shopping. Consciously shopping can definitely help you manage your wardrobe space more effectively, and at the same time reduce the waste that buying items that you barely wear. Let's work together, and be an inside-out glamorous office lady!

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