Jane in Namibia

That night, my lover and I leaned against each other under the quiver tree, looking at the shining Milky Way across the sky in the dark night, we followed the camera shutter and recorded the trajectory of the stars. The stars folded into concentric circles twinkled around us and sang joyfully. Despite the cold wind, our hearts were warm.


Shannon in LA

Before I went to LA, I had a lot of beautiful thoughts about this city. I thought it was very romantic and sunny, like sunny California every day. Then I arrived, I found that there are many homeless people and the roads are very wide. It was extremely unfriendly to backpackers. And I met a weird person on the bus and asked me: "Would you marry me?", the answer is “Of course not!”


Jane in Etosha

During the day, we were sitting on a jeep to experience a Safari full of surprises. When we met the leopard eating, there was an ignorant hyena who wanted to share, and it was warned fiercely by the leopard. We also saw two elephants dating, surrounded by a herd of deer, was so romantic. At night, we enjoyed one of the top 5 dazzling skies of the world!


An in Prague

A few years ago, I went to Europe for two weeks. Because of passing through Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, I was deeply attracted by the charm of small European cities, especially Prague, which has a strong exotic atmosphere. The houses are cute, the bread is delicious, and the prices are affordable, but with the weirdest people there!


Rachel in West Coast

In the spring of last year, I bought a train ticket from Chicago to San Francisco on a whim. I spent three days and two nights on the train sleeping when the sun went down and getting lost in thought when the sun rose, spanning half of the United States. It turns out that there are so many good things generously given by the world, and there are so few inseparable needs in the heart. Living life is worth it.


Claire in Milan

Milan is small and crowded, I was almost picked pockets, and the cathedral is still being renovated.


Lily in Sakurajima

I went to Sakurajima this year before the epidemic spread. Fortunately, it was under a period of volcanic activity. Volcanic ash was constantly erupting and explosions were heard. It was very shocking! Even the Senganen Garden on the opposite side of Kagoshima was clearly visible! I was a little nervous to see the volcano erupting, but I was healed by the beauty of this place. I was very touched! It was a wonderful trip!


Cecilia in Szentendre

St. Andrew, there is a blue shop with a grandma in blue in it, she asked enthusiastically where I am coming from and where I will go. Before leaving, she asked me to palm out my left hand, and she put her right hand on mine. She said, "This is a Hungarian blessing. May you be safe and happy."
After leaving, I had a blue walnut in my hand and a blue blessing in my heart.

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