Subverting existing cognition is part of the essence of fashion. Corset has taken down the place as the top-ranking fashion item of the year. You can see the trend growing in street snaps. A corset is a garment worn to hold and train the torso into a desired shape, traditionally a smaller waist or larger bottom. It was a type of underwear, but this year, you can see many celebrities wearing it in different ways, also on the runway of some fashion brands. The function of the corset is not the only important things, people are more amazed by its shape and style. That’s also the reason why it got so popular recently.
Topping up a corset on any boring top can instantly enhance the fashion level of your outfit. Let’s discover how people match their outfits with corset around the world.

Combos of Cutting-edge Fashion








Shirts with the loose silhouette is a big trend of this year. Lantern sleeves and water sleeves design are very popular among bloggers. While putting on the shirt with a special cut is not enough to make them stand out, adding corset on top of the shirt became a brand new trend.
Shirts with loose silhouette are very eye-catching, but they often make you look moping. Adding a corset on top can highlight the breast line and waistline. At the same time, the shirt can balance the strong impression of the corset and create a fashionable look!

Getting Rid of the Boring Casual Look







Have you ever just throw on a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans on a hot summer day? And do you feel bothered that there are many people on the street wearing the same as you? The best solution for this issue is throwing on a corset on top! A corset can completely turn the casual look of the white T-shirt into a badass look! This combination is not only popular in European countries or American, it’s also very popular in Japan! The style that loved by Japanese, a long white T-shirt and a pair of wide-leg jeans, is now leveled up! You just need to top up a corset, and the look is easily stand out!

Carrying Out the Girl Power




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One of the interesting facts about the corset is that it combines two very different traits. The corset helps to show the soft and beautiful curves of women, but itself has a very hard and tough look. When you match corset with a pencil skirt, it creates a look that contains soft and also tough. It’s like Girl Boss is sexy yet flexible. A corset can not only reinforce the look of a pencil skirt and also carry out the girl power!

As time goes on, the way people wear corset has changed. Don’t judge someone who wears the underwear outside when you see them on the street anymore! Try to appreciate the difference from time to time and enjoy the new corset trend! Considering to put on or take off one certain item may help you understand the meaning of the item for you.

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