I’m an animal lover since I was a child. I’ve kept many different kinds of pets, and dogs are my all time favorite. I haven’t tell you why I love dogs so much, right? The story began when I was in my mom’s belly!


Growing Up with Four Legs Friends

We had a dog when I was in my mom’s belly. And she gave birth to a bunch of puppies just around the same time when I was born. So I was literally growing up with puppies. We used to play together, crawl on the floor together. They are like my best friends. Because of them, I always see pets as my family members. Even after Hathaway was born, I’ve never had the thought of giving my dogs away or keep them from her. Because in my own experience, growing up with dogs can help building up empathy and compassion. It’s a great lesson for life!


You are the Whole World to Them

We saved a black puppy from the heavy rain during Eight-Eight Flood(八八風災). We took him home, did a flea treatment, and took care of him. After he got better and stronger, we took him out for walks and went exercise together. There was one time when we were out for a walk, some stray dogs came and barked at us. I was scared and didn’t know how to react. At this moment, he stood up and barked back at the stray dogs just like he wanted to protect me. I was so touched when I saw this. Maybe we can never talk to our pets, but I believe we can somehow understand each other. Your pets can be your best friends. And no matter what happens during your day, they will wait at the door for you and give you a warm hug.


Always Be Responsible

Is it the dogs are lucky when they have a nice owner, or we are lucky to have them with us? I think I learned a lot from them, I became much more patient, also started to understand that even they are our pets, they are still individuals. They have different characters, and you can’t pet them without understanding them. You probably don’t know that Machi is such a picky eater. Sometimes he doesn’t want to eat what I prepare for him. So I tried and tried, kept changing the recipe until we found out what he likes to eat. Keeping pets is joyful, and it can be hard sometimes as well. We should always be responsible. Take good care of them and keep a good relationship with your furry one!


Just to remind you guys that once you decide to keep a pet, your behavior can affect its whole life. Pets can be your best friend and your family. Ask yourself are you ready to keep a pet, and are you responsible enough to take care of it. Always be responsible and love them with all your heart!

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