Did you often hear the word ”After Party” in the news stories of ceremonies and awards? A part of JENDES August new collections was indeed inspired by this slightly relaxed and enjoyable tipsy occasion. The party following the major events, also commonly known as the “after-party” or “Shwa-Twa” in Taiwanese, usually has a higher sentiment than the first nominal ceremonies or awards. The rhyme and passion last from the main activity and even flame stronger. Abanding the politeness-wrapped distances from daytimes, the emotion and passion ferment at the scene, getting crazier and wilder as the night goes deep!

You can easily find out from the street shots that not only the tipsy side of the celebrities being captured, and so do their second outfits that are usually lighter and more stylish. Thus, whether for the paparazzis’ captures before the entry, or to enjoy some crazy party times, what they wear can be a combo of comfort and style. Until now, the after-party outfit, which is expected to play the role of the catalyst for joy and pleasure, doesn’t seem as simple as it is, does it?






In this summer, JENDES has created a variety of different skirt styles for girls of different sizes and shapes. The tiered floor-length dress with a plaid print and a refreshing upper body, easy to approach, suitable for all occasions, regardless of a gathering party or an island holiday.
The Little Black Dress that is infused with the popular tulle fabric is an exquisite low-key textured design. The square neckline easily refines the shape of upper bodies, and the high waistline instantly makes any girl’s legs visually longer.







The mini dress worn by Emma Stone at the 2018 LV Oscar After Party is a set of a regular but sharp piece. The not overly tight slim fit and the low cut design highlights her natural slender shape. Tough the set light and thin is, it remains formal, successfully caught all the photographers’ sight on the red carpet!
Taking practicality into Considering, JENDES's similar design extends the length of the dress to the calf and adds much of English atmosphere to the sexy silhouette through the sensible small plaid fabric with chest buckles. Not only figure-flattering, but it also exudes a temperament of retro styles!





(CREDIT: yournextshoes.com)


The fairy-like new generation actress Elle Fanning attended the 2019 Cannes Film Festival press conference, she wears a lot of white translucent design to show her clear skin in both private or public occasions. We have introduced that the puff sleeves is definitely a burst of this year before, then how can you miss it when it’s matching the perspective elements and light, layered upper body? The fluffy see-through sleeves are visually airy and eliminating the girls’ fear of looking swollen when they’re wearing something that’s not tight enough. What's more, if you don't have the confidence to expose your arms, it's better that you choose some items like this, with these hazy designed sleeves, and the best part is that the special fabric texture can create a layered look at the same time!





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When the popular supermodel Gigi Hadid held the Denim-Themed party to celebrate her 24th birthday this year, girlfriends who attended the meeting put on the fashionable denim items, the live street shoots are simply a denim-wear guidebook! It’s not difficult to tell from these KOLs that denim is not only classic but also full of possibilities, stylish and practical!
JENDES's denim suit extends the idea from the 1980s’ DISCO style, flared pants and large lapels make the whole set look gorgeously dramatic. At the same time, it incorporates the new meaning of splicing, mixing tulle, which has been a hot cake in the recent years, with denim, alleviating the thick and heavy feeling of the dark single squat, and showing a sense of micro retro modernity.

After unboxing JENDES’ August After-Party-inspired collection in our article, is there a concept of how to mix these hot new products into your #OOTD style? We might not have the chance to party out with the celebrities, but at least we can get inspired by their fashion styles and dress hot and pretty for the parties and “Shwa-Twas” after school or after work!

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