Do you remember that we used the slash to define director Jen in the article SECRET DIARY OF THE SUPERSTAR? The new arrivals this time are from a special project of Jen. If you are following Jen, you must have noticed that Jen is working on the new movie NEZHA since last year. She is acting as a decisive and courageous racer in the movie. Jen did some very difficult racing tricks during the shooting. Some staff told us that Jen had no fear when she hit the gas!

Jen engaged in car racing because of the movie. She noticed the race car outfits have great potential for fashion design, so she decided to put the elements of race car outfits to JENDES’ new products. Jen is a mom of 2 kids, and she fully understands the struggle for a mom trying to find some matching outfits. Most of the matching outfits in the market are cute or with cartoon graphics. What do we do when mom wanna wear something cooler than that?
Eventually, Jen combined her needs with race car fashion and created the family matching outfits!



SEXY Mommy of JD

The key message of this outfit is “Even I’m the mom and I’m still gonna dress pretty!” We chose the popular halter design for the knit top and matched it with the very elastic midi knit skirt. The top provides you with sexiness, and it’s also a very comfy outfit if you need to take care of your kids. To coordinate with the topic, we designed the clothes with classic race car color block stripes. And the stripes on the skirt are knitted, it’s sexy yet delicate!



COOL Daddy of JD

Do you think this is just an ordinary outfit? No! You are wrong! We combined the racing flag graphic with the letter JNDS and knitted it on the top, the design of the pants is also inspired by the racing pants. The classic chequered pattern is decorated on the waistband and the back. This outfit is made of knit, different from the casual look, we are creating a yuppie style instead.




We designed the outfit for the son with the concept of “Like father, like son.” We gave up the cartoon graphics and colorful design from kid’s clothing and replaced them with a simple and neat cut. The slogan “FULLY FUELLED” means not only as the car is fully fueled but also means the boy is full of energy!




Mother is always the one that daughter wanna learn from, and that’s why the design of the daughter’s outfit is matching with mom’s one. The halter design, the cut, and the logo are all matching! We made it into a dress with pleated trim so the energetic girl can run around and cool down easily!

You can see all the details and design for the family matching outfits are made for the different needs of the beloved family members. Traveling to beautiful places is not the only way to have quality family time. Sometimes you just need to stay together as a team and that’s all you need!


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