What does the first thought come to your mind when you wake up from your bed? For me, I always tell myself it’s a brand new day for new challenges.

Ever since I was a child, my father always told me that “life got to be an adventure, and you should enjoy every minute of it.” He is not only a father but also my best friend and a teacher to me. He also told me before my 30s, I should always be fearless and never hesitate to try more. Otherwise, I might miss out on some precious moments in life.


I keep my father’s words in mind and try my best to live every day to the fullest. I believe that in each moment, what you choose can affect your mind, your future, and the person you become.

Sometimes I feel struggle to overcome challenges, but I believe what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. And no matter how the things go, I can always learn from it. On some level, I actually seek challenges. My highest self always wants to learn and grow. I would try to set my mind as a child and be open-minded to try everything. When I achieve my goals, I would treat myself. And then get ready for the upcoming challenges.


Recently I’ve been thinking what are the things that I wanted but I haven’t done. After exploring, I found some goals that I want to achieve. I feel nervous and worried sometimes, but I think it’s worthy to see myself making progress.

I hope you can also be brave to try new things in life. I can ensure you that your heart would be so full when you see the results. It’s a pleasure to share my life with you including the little things of my daily life, my outfits, and some thoughts about life. I hope I can bring you some positive energy or make your day a little brighter. I wish all of you can live your life as my father said, “ Live your tomorrow better than today and always be fearless for the new challenges!”

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