The last article we’ve shown you about the items from Urban Series, today we are gonna talk about Street and Delicate Series. There are biker denim dress, long mac, and also the little dresses that you love. Scroll down and see more!



Ruffle Collar Belted Robe

This robe with wave edged collars is such a romantic item. With the collars and the maxi robe silhouette, no matter what you wear inside, it makes you look like Alice in Wonderland. It’s so dreamy and romantic. And there’s a belt that you can put on. If you would like you to show your sexy waistline, put the belt on and be romantic and sexy at the same time!


Wide Flare Jeans

This pair of jeans is super eye-catching. You will definitely be attracted by its wide flares and raw edge on the pants hem. And about its fabric, it’s the perfect light blue wash finish, and the whole jeans are very soft and comfortable. Anyone who has touched them is amazed by them. Pair the jeans with high heels and walk your steps with marvelous.


Coated Denim Long Coat

You might think it’s a leather long mac when you see this item at the first sight. It’s actually made of coated denim fabric, which has the similar visual effects as leather. And the most special part of this long mac is the design on the back of it, we use splice wool check pattern fabric. This long mac combines the two very different fabrics, coated denim, and splice wool check pattern fabric. Put it on and have a ride on a motorbike in the west of America!


Biker Style Coated Denim Dress

This dress is one of my favorite. The coated denim fabric matches the style of biker jacket just well. And the wasp waist design brings out the feminine. The straps of the dress are adjustable, so you don’t need to worry about the dress being too short or too long. Adjust the straps till they fit you the best. If you are having a big dinner tonight, maybe it’s better to make it a bit looser to save the space for delicious food!



Star Embroidered Mini Dress

This sweet yet sexy little dress is made of star shape embroidered mesh and black satin finish fabric. The lower part of the dress is with triple layers mesh. You will be the mysterious and sweet girl when you put it on. If you wanna have a little black dress, this one will be your choice!



Pearl Embellished Halter Top & Pearl Embellished Belt Wide-Leg Trousers

All the pearls on this suit set are sewed by hand. The sloping shoulder design makes you show a bit of collarbone, isn’t it sexy? And the satin fabric shines with you when you walk.



Layered Ruffle Silk Dress

The dress is made of 100% silk gauze. It’s perfect from any angle you watch. The ruffle layers are whole body ruffle embellished. This dress is a 10 out of 10 dress that you can’t miss out!

Are there any items that you like in NY Debut Collection? All the items from NY Debut Collection are very unique and refined. The quantity is not much, so you need to be fast! We can’t guarantee you that the items will be back in stock after they once sold out. Due to the fabric and other factors, NY Debut Collection might have only one sale! (To remind you again, all the size has been adjusted to Asian size. You can shop as always!)

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