Sheer fashion is one of the trends that came back to the runway and is very popular in recent years. After Dior’s first woman creative director, Maria Grazia ushered, presented a feminist collection in 2017SS. There was literally a t-shirt that read “We Should All Be Feminists.” The t-shirt was pair with an embroidered sheer long skirt. It not only speaks as feminist but also redefines the relationship between clothing and body curves of women. This set of clothes also reminds me of the time when sheer fashion trend first came to stage about half a century ago.





See Through the Clothes and the Desire of the Time

In the 1930s, a woman designer Madeleine Vionnet created a collection of sheer evening dresses. She used skin tone chiffon for the base and topped with meticulous lace which gives a mysterious and feminine style.
If we are talking about how did sheer design became popular, it’s gonna be the legendary designer Yves Saint Laurent. Just after Yves Saint Laurent left Dior, the brand that was traditionally made to present the elegant of women, he created his own brand YSL during the period of time when the western world was still recovering from WWII, and all kind of industries such as movies, art, media, and science were changing. He kept innovating the fashion with his prescient institution. He presented a sheer gown on the fashion show for the very first time in 1966. The model was dressed in a sheer gown with black feathers. During the show, people were focusing on the woman body. For the first time that people started to realize that women bodies can be naturally seen as art. His works make the crowd stunned, some media even refused to leave any comments about it, or claimed that it was an action that a designer trying too hard to get famous. No matter how people reacted to the sheer dress, it was definitely a big breakthrough in art and fashion. It also brought different ways to think about feminism and sex symbolism, and gave new values to the society.






Take Off the Restrictions and Dress with Your Own Body Sovereignty

Elements of sheer were commonly used in different designs after half a century when sheer designer first came out, and people were not judging nudes and bodies in a sexual way anymore. You can also see it from the fashion trends, more and more female celebrities dressed in sheer clothing in public. They were wearing with confidence and the beauty of nude bodies.


(CREDIT:GETTY/The fashion icon of the 90s, Kate Moss, wearing a nude dress with her natural charm)
(CREDIT:GETTY FOR NARAS/Beyoncé performed in a golden sheer dress with pregnancy on the 59th Grammy Awards)


(CREDIT:GETTY/The fashion icon of the 90s, Kate Moss, wearing a nude dress with her natural charm)


(CREDIT:GETTY FOR NARAS/Beyoncé performed in a golden sheer dress with pregnancy on the 59th Grammy Awards )


We probably barely have the chance to wear the progressive dress like that, but the sheer fashion has come up to the high street brands. Showing much or less skin and your body shape are not the main things for sheer fashion. What sheer fashion trying to show the people is giving back the body sovereignty to women. Instead of trying to mimic the female celebrities who dress nearly naked, you can try to combine your favorite items with the idea of sheer. Wear the sheer fashion in your own way and be comfortable with what you wear.



The shirt in basic color featuring a double layer in different materials brings a mysterious and sexy look to the intelligent image.



This item combines knit and chiffon and its cutout design on the shoulders is perfect for autumn.
The striped skirt with a sleek silhouette that features the classic 60s look combined with organza. It’s nothing decrepit but a sexy and cute midi skirt.



A jumper with a cutout design that brings the highlight to the traditional silhouette. Show a little bit of skin to balance heaviness overall.


The relationship between women body and clothing has been innovating from time to time with Yves Saint Laurent and Maria Grazia Chiuri. Nowadays people don’t judge you too much when you show your body curves in public but seem like we still have to pass through the public trial for what you wear and the skin you show. Yves Saint Laurent presented women natural bodies with sheer design on the runway instead of judging them with the distorted view. But on the other hand, how people understand and define the women body is depending on the audience. When there are only women breasts are related to sex and pornography on social media and men breasts are not, we know that there is still a lot of space to improve. Also for fashion industries, there will be more fashion evolutions like the sheer trend during the 21 century.

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