In recent years, there has been a dull but not boring, warm and intriguing trend, and this low-key attraction has spread to the high streets and back lanes. You can find that there are more and more girls abandoning high-chroma prints, and instead, they started to wear the normcore style with low-key, low-contrast colors. In terms of tailoring of this style, simplicity comes first, and the overall soft silhouette creates a relaxed atmosphere.


Compared to some more extreme fashion styles, normcore is relatively easy to get started. However, there are some details you can look into, so that your low-key outfits can be different from others on the street, and helping you create some unique highlights of your own style.



Material Mashup: Perform High Profile in Low Key Style

The cool and refreshing fall is the best season to mix and match long and short items. The plaid suit set from this collection comes with a long blazer as the upper and a short skirt as the bottom. The set is heroic yet pretty.


You can put a T-shirt inside, and it’s also recommended to match it with a cropped summer kit top. Wearing a cropped top not only allows you to reveal a bit of skin but also contrasts the long outer of the set. This combination will make you look taller, and the mashup of soft and stiff materials can be the highlight of the low-key outfits.


If you prefer to dress comfortably and minimally, it can’t go wrong when you choose the items with nude, earth tone, or greyscale colors. However, it may become monotonous and boring, so it is very important to choose special materials to enhance visual richness. This is a knitwear set. This type of set is not so common, and it comes with a cropped top and a pair of full-length wide-leg. It’s comfortable for the one who wears them and also unburdened for people around. It is stylish and appropriate for casual occasions.


If you are not used to exposing your abdomen or are sensitive to the cold, you can add a soft white shirt under the cropped knit top. And note: Remember to pull out the hem to create a sense of refreshing and effortless formality.


Apart from the cropped knit top, the fitted halter top is also very popular this year. Although this kind of silhouette may seem tight, the interlaced knitting method makes the whole knit top full of elasticity, which makes it fit the body properly and reveals the lines of the shoulders. It is unexpectedly flattering and can elegantly show the body curves. If you are insecure to wear it alone, you can match it with an oversized blazer. Between the short and the long, performing handsomeness and feminine. It might seem casual but the proportion is exquisitely deployed, which is a very high-end taste.


In One Go: Create Your Own Effortless

There is another type of normcore style that suits people who can’t bear the warmth of wearing coats in fall. The collars make the semi-sheer smock not so casual. Matching with full-length pants can make your legs look longer and create the street effortless look in one go. The soft materials from top to toe are the best for the cool fall.


In addition to the above-mentioned soft-tone items, we especially designed a long goddess dress with a retro silhouette, dedicated to those who like to keep low-profile, but occasionally wanna put on glamorous clothes without floral prints. This draped chiffon long dress is elegant, following a relaxed style that is not excessive. The details of the pleated neck, sleeves, and waist make this plain dress not to be ignored, and it has a sense of superstar


We know that this summer was so hot that everyone was not thinking about multi-layer matching, and many people have not tried a blazer suit set and this year's eye-catching item summer knitwear. But it doesn't matter, fall is here, and the trend is still continuing. We introduced the above several kinds of normcore outfits, which are absolutely fashionable for work or taking beautiful photos at the beach. Don't miss out this time!

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