The weather is getting warmer and gradually entering the peak wedding season of the year. Have you also got invited to a bunch of friend’s weddings? You anyways can't escape the fate of giving out some red envelopes, why not take this opportunity to satisfy your desire to dress up! JENDES’ new collection this month took the heat in summer into consideration, abandoned the complicated layers, embellishment, and heavy rich colors designs. They are left with some blanks rather than over-stacking the details and gives a light and fresh atmosphere when wearing them. Each piece is absolutely essential for your summer wardrobe, and at the same time super suitable as an important besties role at the wedding occasion!

A Bride’s proud choice: Just-Fine Bridesmaids’ dresses

In western culture, there used to be a tradition of not allowing guests, except for the bride herself, to wear something white. However, as times change, more and more people pay more attention to the visual harmony of the wedding. You can see that many of your friends or even celebrities ask their guests to have a white Dress code together, intending to give the event a soft and elegant atmosphere. In addition to the most eye-catching brides at weddings, bridesmaids are also a focus. Although no one can actually take the attention from the brides, the bridesmaid will continue to appear next to the brides and being captured in the side. Thus, in addition to assisting the brides, dressing prettily to be visually matched harmoniously to the brides is also a major task for them on the big day.

If the brides wish the behind-the-scene footages of the wedding day to be more natural, white toned, clean-cut dresses are some good options for the bridesmaids. Decorating with little low-key fresh flowers adds more color and value to the overall simple outlook. This knee-length cold shoulder dress enables the besties to show their pretty bony shoulders, and the knee-length skirt not only makes the legs visually slimmer but also convenient for the bridesmaids to get busy and help the errands!



Power Suit for the Fierce Receptionist

Friends who just finished their wedding always say "A good receptionist means halfway to a successful wedding." That is, a wedding process can be carried out smoothly depending on the actions of the receptionists at the cash gift table, and the smoothness of the guest being lead to their tables. These friends of the newlyweds as special characters may have to walk and work for the whole day, but they cannot ignore the outfit because of this, after all, they should be the one who the guests meet and be greeted upon arrival on the wedding day!
At this situation, the blazers that are very popular this summer are very suitable for the day. The earth hue fabric and the texture feel lighter and more casual than the formal suits. The high-waist shorts not only more flexible for you to walk around, but also fits bubbly with high heels. Different from the adult-like formal suits, it is a power suit for TWITs.




If you feel that formal jacket too heavy or difficult for you to move around, it is recommended that you choose a classic loose cut white shirt. The upper body should not be too tight for you to help around, and reaching some effortless casual at the same time. Matching with a striped pencil skirt that made out of the suit fabric, your outfit will be both fashion, unique and fierce. Now no one will doubt your ability to collect the cash gifts and giving out the bride cakes!/span>



Enjoy the Happiness in An Eye-catching Dress

If you’re not assigned to any tasks by the newlyweds on the big day, then just dress up for the wedding and share happiness! In summer, it is normally extremely hot outside, but sometimes a bit chilly indoors because of the strong air-conditioning, a sundress and a light cardigan would be the smartest outfits for this situation. Here are some heads-ups for your wedding outfitting: a wedding is a relatively formal occasion, thus, is recommended not to wear something too sexy, too bright, rich colours and high-profile items. Beige and nude tones, colours that symbolize elegantly are more textured and make you look classy even if it is not your own big day.




JENDES’June Collections can be worn outside weddings as well. Our items are all in the elegant beige and nude tone, you get to decide whether to make them formal or casual by simply matching with different shoes! Layers and detailed designs are not actually suitable for summer time. The textured items are the fresh solutions for the heat, no matter attending a wedding or going somewhere else, with the right dress you will be able to rock it all!

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