Light Bar Café is the 2-floor building with a yellow front door in the small alley next to Daan Forest Park. It is located in the Daan area which is very competitive for cafés. They started on the internet sharing their desserts and pastries. After 17 years, they finally became a cafe that you can walk in and enjoy their food and beverages. It’s called Light Bar Café because the lights they decorated the shop bring such comfortable warmth. And “Light Bar” sounds like “Come On” in Mandarin, that’s why they also write it as 來吧 Café. Spending time at the café with amazing industrial style decoration and excellent house-made desserts is like living the dream, this is also the reason why it’s so hard to get a table at the weekends.



The Danish Box
Danish toast, cream mushroom soup, frankfurter sausage, smoked chicken, veggie, sunny-side-up

So first, we gonna introduce the signature dish of Light Bar Café! This is a dish inspired by the famous Taiwanese street food - Coffin Bread(deep fried sandwich). The Danish Box comes with well-toasted buttery Danish toast, and it’s filled up with creamy mushroom soup and lined with melted cheese, and a perfect sunny-side-up on the very top. It’s a delicious dish with irresistible rich flavors. The moment you cut into it will be full of happiness and joy.


The Romance of Mr. Banana and Miss Marshmallow Toast
Thick sliced toast, banana, marshmallow, peanut butter, cocoa powder

It may look super sugary because of the marshmallows and cocoa powder on top, but it’s actually not too sweet. It’s a new favorite for the people who love desserts but don’t like them too sweet. You can see how popular it is on Instagram. Layering up the crispy thick cut toast with soft marshmallows and dusting with cocoa powder, they managed it not too sweet, it’s just perfect! And there are banana slices inside the toast as well. Guess that everyone knows cocoa and banana will never go wrong together! And you think it’s impressive already? The layer of peanut butter on the toast is the best finishing touch. It seems to be a weird combination but it turns out amazing!



Jumping with Little White Rabbit Juice
Carrot, apple

Come on! Have a glass of juice to take care of your health. The glass of freshly squeezed juice that ChiChi ordered is made of carrots and apples. The carrots provide rich nutrition and the apples bring the sweetness. They don’t filter out the residue so you can get the full nutrition from the fruits and ingest lots of fibers. Btw, the fibers will form a natural gradual which is perfect for pictures!


Iced Americano

Iced Americano is perfect for the hot summer days. It’s a drink that you can find everywhere, but the one from Light Bar Café is rich and silky, and it got a sweet aftertaste. We recommend this low-calorie drink to all the girls who are fighting hard to get ready for the summer!



Additional - HSIAO LIANG YUAN(小涼院)

Irwin Mango Soft-Serve & Berry and Mint Soda

7 mins walk from Light Bar Café, there’s a small shop decorated with white tiles, wood, and vintage windows. When you arrive at the shop, it’s like taking the time machine to go back to the old age.
In Small Courtyard, they sell only one flavor of soft-serve each day. We were just on time for the mango soft-serve. It’s made of the best mango - Irwin mangoes, and added some Moscato, lychee, and lemon, and topped with mango jam and diced mango on top! I think this is what you can call “The flavor of summer!”
The soda was recommended by the owner of the shop. It’s a pretty drink that perfect to take photos of. And it’s made of house-planted mint and sweet and sour berries. It’s a perfect drink to start the summer!



Shop Information


Light Bar Café

No. 12, Lane 134, Section 3, Xinyi Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan

+886 2 2709 3843




No. 34, Lane 148, Section 2, Fuxing South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan

+886 2 2706 7623

Tue to Sun 13:00-21:00


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