THURSDAY Sneak Out From Your Lunch Break For Some Ice!

You have made it through the hump day, now the weekend seems more approachable yet still a bit distanced. This is the best time to treat yourself a bit, reminding yourself that the happy TGIF is coming after today! You have an only one-hour lunch break, there is no way going into a restaurant or cafe for a proper meal, what else can you do to treat yourself? Well, in this weather that gets hotter and hotter every day, we recommend you ice cream! No matter the fresh mango made ice cream or icy and freshly sparkling berry drink, you will feel cooled down as soon as the first spoonful in your mouth!








For the unclear Thursday morning, will you not be in the mood to match your outfit? Put on the Cold Shoulder Cape Top that you have worn on Tuesday and you won’t have to worry about your upper body! Different from the elegance of the plaid lower body outfits, today we choose a pencil skirt with color flash design, focusing on the red and blue highlights to make your work suit more bright and beautiful!


FRIDAY Go On A Girls Night With Besties After Work

It’s finally Friday, and the exciting weekend is around the corner! Everyone must be looking forward to meeting your besties after work for the whole day. Discussing the unpleasant happened at work, what your crush said to you today, or which beauty brand has launched a new lipstick, you never run out of topics when chatting with besties!






Wearing knitwears form the same series and show your invincible friendship! We know that sometimes it might be difficult matching bright color tops with other outfits, but don't worry! Here’s to teach you a little trick, as long as the lower body plain-colored and sharp is, you can create a perfect match among the items! For example, ChiChi choose a black zippered design skirt, and Wusami picks a faux leather overall dress, both choices are simple and focused design piece, visually highlighting the upper bodies to show the bestie matches!


SATURDAY Explore Your City On Ubikes!

On the first day of the weekend, how could you let go of this great opportunity to meet everyone? All of sudden, you might have accidentally made your schedule a bit too tight, and you will be so busy running around. Wait a minute, don’t you forget that it’s weekend today! On this beautiful Saturday, remember to slow down and enjoy the scenery and beauty of the city. We recommend you to hop on an Ubike with your besties, knocking around the city at your own pace!




Weekend outfits are meant to be light and comfy. But no too casual, because there are still dates to go on! Today, both ChiChi and Wusami highlight their outfit with JENDES classic knitwear. ChiChi puts on a pair of white ripped jeans and a loose ripped denim vest, creates a fallen white-and-blue look easily; Wusami, on the other hand, chooses a pair of side stripe joggers, sporty and shows her unique character, the shape of boot cut is even cooler when riding a bicycle!


SUNDAY Sleep In, And Go Out In Casual Outfit!

On the last day of the week, of course you want to sleep in as much as you can! Press the snooze of your alarm one last time, you finally climb out of your bed. Thinking about what to do today, you pick up your phone and text your best friend to see if she is willing to meet. “See you at the park in ten!” she replies. Quickly put on your makeup, grab your most comfy knitwear and a pair of casual pants, you are ready to go. She is five minutes late as usual, but it does not affect your friendship. You talk about everything happened in your life, play on the slide like children. Everything is so perfect and natural that you won’t even notice how much time has passed. Next thing you notice will be sunset already, you say goodbye to each other, and call it a perfect closure of the week.





On such lazy days like Sunday, outfitting doesn't seem to be so important anymore, comfortable or not should be the only thing you care about. Put on a loose knit sweater with a plain and stylish lower body and some light makeup, you are good to go! However, as a girl, sometimes is it not that easy to let go of yourself. If you want to dress more special, be playful on the socks! ChiChi matches translucent socks with skateboard shoes to create a cute but cool look, and you can see Wusami’s green dinosaur socks worn inside her translucent Shoes, add highlights to the overall look!


A girl’s wardrobe never big enough, that’s why it is a very important skill to be able to match the items repeatedly! When organizing your wardrobe, do you also find one or two clothes that you have forgotten for long from time to time? You seldom wear them anymore, but still not ready to let them go? That’s what our One-Week Outfit Challenge is all about! ChiChi, Wusami and JENDES hope to bring you more inspiration through this week, injecting new life into your clothes that had been hidden in the corner! Now, this is the closure for our One-Week Outfit Challenge project and it is time for us to say goodbye to everyone! See you next time~~~

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