We all have many different personalities and some of them are explicit, some of them are explicit. We can be funny, mysterious or sometimes sensitive and sometimes aggressive. We play different roles in life, and each role contains a different spirit. None of them can be defined as black or white. Every person is like a bottle of unique perfume that made of the compounds of different roles and characters they have in life. JENDES is the brand that represents the value of oneself, and hope that everyone can dress with their own charm and personality, not letting anyone define you.


Sometimes we unrestrainedly project ourselves to some figures. We probably can’t become these imaginary characters, but we can play the roles and try to reveal our true self. Our DEC NEW ARRIVALS 【Play The Roles】is created from the concept above. We could become an attentive detective, a sexy and mysterious vampire, a movie director that controls the story, a runner that never stops running toward the goal, or a lost alien on earth. With a little bit of imagination, we can be whoever we want to be.



When it comes to affection, we are like an attentive detective. With our “women’s institution,” we notice all the tiny changes and movements. Boyfriend went AWOL? No problem! We can track him down with a smartphone. Remember that “Footprints in the sand show where one has been.”





Many movies and TV series are talking about vampires. And it makes girls have some vain attempt about the vampire romance. Some girls even wish that they could become a vampire to stay forever young and beautiful, at the meantime wait for a crazy vampire romance.



Movie Director

We all want our lives to be under control by ourselves. Just like a movie director who draft the plot of the movie, and make sure all the actors play the roles well. To complete an amazing movie of life, we don’t hesitate to shout out “CUT” when something goes wrong.



Sometimes we might feel like we are an alien living inside the human body. (Especially when we discuss with someone who has a completely opposite idea) Sometimes we bring some crazy ideas to the table or make some confusing movements. At these moments, I always ask myself “Which planet that I’m actually from?”






We are all like a runner in life, and it takes lots of effort to run to the successful end. After hearing the signal gun, we run with all our energy and try to surpass all the competitors. After a while, it’s challenging out physical power, willpower, and our limits. Before running to the end, we need to adjust our heart rate and pace. Run through this life and enjoy the view on the way! All of us are the best runner in our own life.




Don’t waste the diverse gene that we have and do your best to discover the different faces of the world.
Embrace all the different types of you and “play” the roles in your life!

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