Have any of you watched Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald? I guess everyone is excited about the plot, the amazing monsters, and the actors. I’m also very interested in the outfits of the characters. To match with the background of the story, they used a tone of low saturation royal blue in the movie. And they built the personalities of the characters with different styles and fabrics of clothes. All these details make the audience go deep into the play!


(CREDIT: Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc)

The swinging hems of the coats made the play even more dramatic when the characters chasing and fighting with magic against each other.
Since we are the no-maj or you can call it muggle, we don’t have the much crazy fight in life. But we can still throw the coast on when it gets a bit chilly, or be cool on your way to work, shopping or dates!

The New Classic of British Not Old-School Style

People simply think of the British style when it comes to trench coats. The image of a trench coat throws me back to the memory of the movie character who is extremely smart and also a perfect gentleman wearing a camel trench coat on the street.
But if you know about the invention of the trench coat, it might not be as graceful as it is today. The trench coat was developed back in 1850, the Crimean War. Back in the time, soldiers used to wear the heavy military uniforms which don’t breathe at all. So some high-ranking officers started to customize their own coats. The lightweight and the waterproof of the trench coat made it more and more popular in the army, and this is the very first trench coat of history.
Nowadays, you can see the trench coat in many Hollywood movies. Because it’s neat and easy to match, it became very popular with the public. The classic look of the trench coat never gets old. When the autumn comes, we still always creating some new styles with the trench coat.





Because of the lightweight design of the trench coat, it’s usually not very efficient in preserving heat. When it comes to our design, we kept the silhouette of the trench coat, the double-breasted front, and big pockets. And we reinforced it with thicker fabric to increase the warmth preservation. We used the classic color of the trench coat, camel. We used solid camel for the front and plaid camel for the back. It balances the look with different patterns and adds a freshness to the classic. You can simply match it with a midi dress and a pair of heel boots to make your fashionable look.

The Black Long Coat Can’t Go Wrong

Sounds like we are repeating every year but still! If you have a budget, a black long coat is your best choice for winter.
The winter of Korea is always very cold. Being one of the most fashionable countries in Asia, people never dress like a rice dumpling on the street. You can see in the Korea TV drama or on the streets of Seoul, people usually wear a long coat. Even it’s made of very thick and heavy fabric, but the color black gives a lighter visual effect. The silhouette of the trench coat perfectly flatters the figure. Even you are not very tall, you can still shine in a strong manner. It’s a black long coat, but you don’t want to look like everyone else. We designed the long coat with the buttons slightly offset from the midline. It’s a non-boring piece that you can wear it to your work meeting!



The Plaid Boyfriend Coat that Can Never Be Brought Down

Plaid is the fashion trend that never fades out every winter. If you don’t pick the right plaid shirt, sometimes it makes you look like a middle-aged man. But a long shirt is much easier to style!
The coat with the silhouette as a shirt looks less formal than the regular coat. It suits the uni students or busy moms. You can wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, and match it with sneakers when going for a small trip on the weekends. The shirt coat is not only good to wear for outdoor activities, but the color block design also makes you look much younger. Definitely a good piece for the energetic moms!



The most exciting season for layering is coming. And I believe that everyone who loves mix and match must have coats in their wardrobe. To choose a coat that can present yourself, you need to choose the right silhouette. You can also make an effort in what to match to enhance your own personal style. Another point that people always forget about is the parts that show the skin, they add a breathing look and also make you look taller. I hope that everyone can be like the characters in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald having your perfect coat for the winter and defeat all the challenges end of this year!

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