The tracksuit is pants and jacket set with the same color and pattern. It was created for the sports, and usually worn before or between the games to keep the players warm. That’s why it’s also called a warm-up suit.

But what we going to talk about today is not the suit that you wear when you are in a sports competition, we want to talk about how to create your own athleisure!

Thanks to the hip-hop culture, tracksuit was brought on the stage of fashion. Jay-Z and Mel C from Spice Girls are the trendy icons who have redefined the tracksuit.(CREDIT: Timothy White /Pinterest)


Thanks to the hip-hop culture, tracksuit was brought on the stage of fashion. Jay-Z and Mel C from Spice Girls are the trendy icons who have redefined the tracksuit.
(CREDIT: Timothy White /Pinterest)


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The tracksuit was very popular in the 2000s, the velvet tracksuit came back with colorful tones and slim fit on the media. The icon of this trend is Paris Hilton. She used to wear Juicy Couture Tracksuit in different colors everyday. A colorful tracksuit and her chihuahua in her arms is the classic image of her.

OOPS! My Athleisure is way too Fashionable by Accident!

The tracksuit was fading out of the fashion industry at the end of the 2000s, and it came back with a more precise identity as “Athleisure” in the 2010s. The tracksuit came back with the trendy culture, and it’s still on trend in 2019! In the past three years, you can see tracksuits on the stage of all the first class brands. Its approachable style and the high comfort level make all the people crazy about it. The most attractive thing about tracksuit is it makes you look like “You are not trying but just way too fashionable.” We put our attention in the street snap to learn about the tracksuit trend to see the original style.

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The model Gigi Hadid likes to wear the plain color tracksuit with a classic or old school style and pairs them with sunglasses or long coat to balance the sporty look of tracksuit and bring out her own athleisure.


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Bella Hadid has the same passion for tracksuit as her sister, but the way she wears them is entirely different. Bella has a sexy image on the stage, and she's the same when she’s off the stage. She likes to keep the jacket open to show her sexy waist and what’s underneath. Sometimes even pairs them with high heels, jewelry, or fancy bags to decrease the sporty look of tracksuit and increase the fashion level.

SLAY! My Athleisure is Straightforward!

The tracksuit is on fire from the popular sports brands to the boutique clothing brands. To catch the heart of young customers, many brands launched their high fashion tracksuit sets. Most of the people might think they are not practical to wear, but it’s the opposite.


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Rihanna was once captured on the street wearing the green Gucci Tracksuit. This tracksuit is designed with a slim silhouette and decorated with embroideries and fur on the cuffs. All you need is a red lipstick to put on, and you’re hot of!

(CREDIT: Vogue)


(CREDIT: Vogue)

Rihanna even inspired by the idea “Marie Antoinette at the gym” for her brand Puma x Fenty collection. The whole collection is vintage but also modern, with a lot of wrinkles, vests, tutus.



This time, JENDES designed our own tracksuit from the original model, we kept the standing collars and added a two-layers wrinkle. This cute look is going to make you feel like you’re Peter Pan. The pants are not only made of super comfortable fabric, but it’s also designed into bootcut as well. This is a figure flattering outfit!




After reading all these, do you realize how hard it is to create the street style fashion from the activewear which has already existed as the clothes that athletes wear for competitions? You need the correct details design and the confidence like a superstar to make you not look like you are on the way to the gym.
The transformed tracksuit has the fashion elements and silhouette built inside. What you need to do is throw on the jacket and pants and then shine. It’s an excellent choice for who wanna try athleisure.

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