(CREDIT:Sleep No More)

Attending Sleep No More is the most impressive experience of my New York trip. It’s probably unfamiliar to you, but it’s one of the most popular off- broadway show in New York. A lot of people said it’s a must-go. Let’s talk about this immersive adventure!

Sleep No More is primarily based on William Shakespeare's Macbeth, with inspiration also taken from noir movies, especially those of Alfred Hitchcock. There is no dialogue, the scenes are primarily dance and choreographed movement set to ambient music.



Like nothing we’ve seen before, there is no stage, you don’t take your seats. You can whether exploring the space on your own, or chasing actors to witness the action. Throughout the three hours course, there are three full cycles for each performance, and each cycle lasts one hour. Guests are given a playing card, and every few minutes, the emcee for the lounge makes an announcement saying guests holding certain playing cards can now enter the rest of the hotel. At the first cycle, I had no idea where I was and what was happening. The second cycle, I followed the leading role and slowly understood the story line. And I recommend follow the supporting roles at the last cycle, you might have some unexpected interactions with the actors

Instead of taking place in Broadway Theater, it was performanced in a five floors hotel. You might wonder why is it take place in a hotel. McKittrick Hotel is a sprawling 1930s-style rooming house which just like the story. There are five floors, containing bathroom, dance floor and several rooms in every which direction. The details in each room are phenomenal, make you feel like you are a part of the story. And the masks that are handed out at the preshow brought out an even more mysterious and exciting atmosphere. If you have a chance to attend the show, do not miss it!





(CREDIT:Sleep No More)

During the show, I could feel the emotion from the actors, just like I were them. There was one scene I watched from different places for two times. The first time, I stood just next to Macbeth. I felt his sadness when he saw his wife dancing with another man. And for the second time, I was in the dance floor. I could see how helpless Lady Macbeth was, and she had all her attention devote to Macbeth. I could sympathize her sorrow of involuntarily from the scene.

If you ask me to recommend one scene from the whole show, I think the Three Witches is the one I loved most. The music, the visual effects and the lights made the scene incredibly psychedelic. And everything stopped at once, it felt just like a dream. In the middle of the show, Macbeth grabbed me and whispered in my ear. I couldn’t really understand what he said since the voice was too soft. But I smelled chocolate from him.(maybe the fake blood is made of chocolate?) It was such a lucky and interesting experience.

(CREDIT:Sleep No More)

Every cycle ended at the banquet scene. After the first two cycles, the actors went back to where they started. The final ending only came after the last cycle. When it comes to Macbeth, you know it’s gonna be a tragedy. People says that “tragedy is profounder.” I guess that’s why Sleep No More is so intoxicating.

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