JENDES NY DEBUT, with lots of honored guests, came to a successful end on July 12th. Don’t feel sad if you didn’t have the chance to join us. Let’s throw back to the debut together!




Our staff and the workers from event decoration company arrived very early in New Museum for setting up. They were expeditious and effective, quickly set up the platforms and the photo zone. The photo zone was much bigger than we expected, and looked very imposing.



Models came after we set up the place. It was not the first time we met the models, because we had a fitting the day before in a hotel room. We all stood in a room, tried and altered the clothes together. It was such a warm and sweet moment!




Hairstyle and makeup were the most interesting part! It was amazing to witness how the hair stylists and the makeup artists complete the look of the models. We made the look simple and neat overall in order to let people focus on the clothes, for the makeup, we sprinkled some glitters on the eyelids.








After finishing the hairstyle and makeup, our show director gathered the models, and explained the procedures and precautions. It was the moment when we suddenly realized the show was about to happen very soon. We arranged 9 models standing still at first, and walking to the photo zone one by one. The models posed for the photographers in the photo zone, and also showcased the clothes to our guests.




After all our guests arrived, Jen picked up the microphone and shared her experience of this show. Her words were once choked with sobs, and all the staff were so touched by her speech. We didn’t have much time to prepare this event, and we spent lots of efforts on it. We were very happy that we accomplished our goal and presented it to you. A big thank you to all of you! We will work harder and design more surprising products for you!






Have you read the article about the design of the clothes in NY DEBUT? If not, click here JENDES NY DEBUT: URBAN, STREET, DELICATE. And if you have read it, get the latest information for the product launch by entering your email below the event page! Keep yourself updated! → JENDES NY DEBUT

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