Why is the charm of a celebrity much greater than the average person even being secretly photographed by a weekly? How can a person still be so attractive with their airport outfit after sitting in a small seat in the cabin? Why are some celebrities’ private outfits more eye-catching than the onstage?
Wake up! Those “effortless chic” that we see on social media are actually through very hard work to present an effortless look. Each Look actually contains subtle ingenuity, which exists in the material, color selection, and ways of matching items. Their fashion is definitely not from head to toe seasonal latest products, or sets of low-key outfits without logo. The match must be right so that it won't look overly ostentatious, or look like a passerby.
Although we can't have a stylist like celebrities to help us out, there are still some basic tips to try. Put in some effort and wear your own Smart Casual.


The easiest way to get started with Smart Casual is to choose a single product with high-quality materials and mix and match trendy accessories to reduce the sense of formality. Here we set the tone with a light denim diamond check suit set, the texture has achieved a good balance between beauty and elegance, the white clunky sneakers are used to create an approachable image of the big star. It’s natural and easy!


Wearing the same tone all over can give people a bright and well-matched feeling. It is recommended to choose bright or warm colors as the suit. The slightly oversize silhouette allows the set to show a comfortable atmosphere, which is different from the formal occasions.


If there are notch lapels in the look, it means it’s not a negligent outfit. However, there are some tips to be aware of. It’s easy to lose a sense of calmness with an over-fitting silhouette. You can choose the slightly wider one with trendy details on the collars and cuffs. Then through the matching street fashion accessories, such as sunglasses, and clunky sneakers to mix and match the low-key celebrity style.


The style of Smart Casual is actually not too restrictive. You can start with the shirts and trousers that are commonly found in the wardrobe. After excluding excessive leisure, you can further create your own personality through color and personal items. For this set of outfits, we used the same-color trousers and military cap to make the vision complete, and then through the fake two-piece of the shirt with a black vest to echo the brim of the cap, creating a playful look.


In autumn and winter, it is highly recommended to match different fabrics to make the overall look more layered and less boring. Buying a dark high-necked sweater is a very good investment. The high-end silhouette and the classic style can be easily matched with different items. However, if you wanna dress with celebrity styles, you can choose a bottom with suit material to create a lazy formal casual look. If you are worried about being too serious, you can add a cap and a pair of sneakers to instantly look younger!

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