Today I wanna introduce you a restaurant I visit often, Sugar Pea. Their menu includes brunch, afternoon tea, dinner plates and more, they can totally satisfy your stomach. The restaurant looks like a glass greenhouse from outside, and inside it’s very bright with the windows. It’s decorated in white tone when walking in you can feel the comfortable atmosphere. My favorite from the menu is Pancake Sliders, but this time we visited the restaurant in the evening, and it has passed the time they serve brunch. We ordered some dishes that we haven’t tried before, and they didn’t disappoint us. Let’s dig in!



Slow Poached Salmon

I was going to order one of my favorite dish Ginger Salmon Rice Bowl, but I just couldn’t find it on the menu. So I asked the waitress about it. She said they updated the menu, now they replaced it with Slow Poached Salmon. Since I was craving salmon so bad, I ordered this new item, and it turned out so great! They cooked the salmon as well as they did before, very tender and moist. And it’s served with couscous salad with arugula, tomatoes, and marinated yellow squash. This dish is very light and refreshing. If you like salmon, you can’t miss out!



Korean Pork Bowl

Their Korean Pork Bowl is actually what you usually called bibimbap, but they make it a bit lighter and healthier. You might assume the healthy version of bibimbap would be less tasty, but you are wrong! Their spicy marinated pork bulgogi is very flavorful, and you can stir in the Korean hot sauce to add a bit of spicy taste to it. And I think it’s very unique that they put arugula in this dish, it adds a nice twist to the flavor. The ac in the restaurant was a bit strong that day, so I put on a T-shirt. The graphic of sunny side egg on it matched with the bibimbap. Isn’t it interesting?


Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cappuccino

This is a must-eat for me! Every time when I finish the main dish, and I'd crave some sweets and a drink. Do you feel the same as me? But sometimes I’m almost full after eating a big portion dish, and this cookies and cappuccino set is just perfect to have. Their cookies are so delicious, they have the sweetness of chocolate, and also a bit salty. They are gonna make you eat one after another. And a cup of cappuccino makes it even better!





Banana Pancakes

We ordered another dessert apart from the last one because we are a big group this time. I didn’t expect too much for the banana pancakes, but it’s surprisingly delicious! Their pancakes are different from others. They are buttermilk pancakes, they taste much moist. And the syrup is another surprise. The peanut butter honey syrup and the banana is the best match ever!


Every time I bring my friends to Sugar Pea, they are all amazed by the food here. If you would like to try this restaurant, don’t forget to get a reservation! It’s so popular that you probably won’t have a table without a reservation. I hope you like what I shared today. And don’t forget to tell me your favorite dish after you eat here!


Store Information


Sugar Pea

1F No.16 Alley 20 Lane 300,Section 4 Renai Road,Daan District Taipei/i>

+886 2325 6188

Tuesday - Sunday 11:30 – 15:0,15:00 – 17:00,17:30 – 20:00

Closed Monday

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