“What can be called as super classic?
It won’t be changed, and it won’t be forgotten.
It will be sung again and again, never stops.”

This is​ 經典!(Classic!) ​from rapper Soft Lipa.

I think being a classic means having an irreplaceable place in a certain field. Nowadays, most of the brands have 6 fashion shows a year, a new product launch every month, but you can see that every brand has their own iconic items that appear again and again. Chanel has its classic tweed jacket, Dior has the saddle bag, and Converse has the caravan. These items may come out differently every season, but they are always the icon of the brand, classic and irreplaceable.

JENDES is a brand that just established last year, and we aim to be like those famous international brands. We follow our brand value “Hope that everyone can dress up in their own charm and personality, and not allow anyone to define you.” and design our clothes with the idea to make you feel JENDES when you put on the clothes from us!




Your Classic Gracefulness

We combine knitwear with the tagging culture and create the items that are graceful yet cool. The knit top is the iconic item of our brand. Knitwear is breathable, and it also draws your body shape. We got lots of feedback from the customers telling us our knitwears are so flattering, and they can wear them even during summer!
Another attraction of our knitwear is funny slogans or words that match the color of the clothes. Our very first of the collection “PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE” and the one with warm colors and “SWEET AS TOFFEE” are so cute that you can see the slogans from far, and I bet it pulls a smile on your face!





Your Daily Unique Wears

Christophe Lemaire, the ex-creative director of Hermès, once talked about that he doesn’t like to buy the items which are easy to become out of fashion even he is a fashion designer. The products he’s looking for must be very graceful. The quality, the cut, and the details are what he cares the most. Finding people’s perfect daily wears is his mission.
The second iconic items of JENDES can be the classic items that Lemaire talked about. The silhouette is simple and similar to the tennis dress. And they are made of breathable and comfortable fabrics. Plus the color block design and the slogans on them, aren’t they made for the lazy girls who love fashion?




Sometimes, you may want something to spice up the day. The knitwear with cutouts can be one of your choices! The knitwears with shoulder cutouts are sexy and feminine. They will definitely give you a sharp look! JENDES’ Knitwear Collection includes the basic ones and the designer's ones. All of them are made of the imagination of what we wanna create. The patterns, the fabrics, the cuts, we try to combine gracefulness, humor, and creativeness into all the details. You can find your favorite daily wears in JENDES no matter you are a JENDES style lover or a mix and match the master.

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