“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely plays.”
From a certain point of view, what happens in the movies is actually not too far from our lives. Some concept from the movies can even influence someone’s life. A movie gives you a deep impression is because of a brief moment that can relate to your own experience, an expression from a character’s eye, or the costume that the main character wears! It’s not only the plot or the way they film the movies can leave people a strong impression.
For our February Boutique Collection, we kept the clothes in simple color tone and focused on the fabrics and design. We applied the “bishop’s sleeves” which based on the movies that we watch to our clothes and create a collection of fashionable costumes that you can wear every day with a different design of sleeves.

Gentle yet Feminine: Just like Water

(CREDIT: Movie “The Beguiled”)

In the movie The Beguiled which was directed by the most fashionable movie director Sofia Coppola, except the movie moguls, another big attraction is the white yet vintage costume that the women wore during American Civil War. It perfectly reflects the story and it’s also very ironic.


We used the silhouette of the costume in the movie and combined it with dark and smooth fabric to create a dress with a mysterious and sexy style which is very different from the movie. The soft and comfortable fabric that we used will move with you when you walk and also show your beautiful body shape under it. This dress is just like water. It can be very strong and also very soft. It’s vintage yet has a sense of future.


Exotic yet Feminine: The Sexiness between Revealing and Covering

(CREDIT: Movie “The Mummy”)

Do you know the action-adventure film The Mummy? The actress Rachel Weisz played the role as a rookie librarian. After the shipwreck, she took off her uniform and changed into Egyptian traditional clothing, and Rick was amazed by her look so much. The costume that Rachel was wearing is not revealing at all but it does give people delusions. The dress is in dark brown and with some gold embroidery which is so exotic. And the veil on the face covered the smile but it strengthened the eyes and the Egyptian style eyeliner. It made the eyes “talk.” We drew the materials from the movie and used the mesh with gold glitter stamps as the fabric of the dress. The mesh we used has a high density of glitter and it’s very comfortable and breathable. The slightly oversized silhouette will get rid of the maturity and make you look younger. You can make your own sexy looks by matching it up with jeans, cap, shoes or just wearing is by itself.



Innocent yet Feminine: Just like Waking Up from a Dream




(CREDIT: Movie “Marie Antoinette”)

Another spectacular film which was directed by Sofia Coppola, Marie Antoinette, is the one that you shouldn’t miss out if you love fashion. It’s a movie that talks about the short and pitiful life of the queen of France, Marie Antoinette. In this film, it’s full of lovely pink bubbles. All the costumes are made by the best brands in the world, very very luxury. All the dresses and shoes are so beautiful that will make you wanna scream out loud!
Although the queen under these beautiful dresses was actually an innocent girl who was forced into a relationship without love and support. Compared to the notoriety that we heard about her, we learned more about who she was by the way she looked when she woke up from the bed in her white gown and her face without makeup.




The inspiration for our design came from the gown that the ladies wore in the Middle Ages. We used the willow yarn to make this all-white dress, so it won’t be boring. The dress has a simple cut and silhouette which bring out the true self of a girl. If you wanna make a casual look, you can also match it with a pair of jeans and a vest!

Cool yet Feminine: Handsome and Charming


(CREDIT: Movie “Coco Before Chanel”)

Coco Chanel is not only a costume designer but also a female revolutionary. She changed the image of women by her design. She cut the dress shorter, loosen the waist, took off the corset, and cut the hair short. She completely challenged the usual image of how a woman dresses. You can see from the movie poster of Coco Before Chanel that she wore the satin pajamas that she designed(before her, most of the women were wearing a sleeping dress) and held a cigarette on her fingers and shined with the unique style and perseverance.





We followed the silhouette of the pajamas which has kind of a formal look and made an open on the princess sleeve to show a bit of skin.
The satin with a shiny surface is a good fabric for pajamas or robes. And we combined them together to create a dress with grey satin and classic silhouette.




February Boutique Collection not only has lots of stories related to movies, but also has great respect to the age, the culture, and women. We learn from the great women from history and combine the modern design concept and make the clothes which connect the past and future and show the different looks of women since everyone is unique and special.

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