What is your impression of Brooklyn? Street style, vibrant graffiti, don’t even have to mention the famous Brooklyn Bridge. I believe everyone sees Brooklyn in a different way. For me, Brooklyn is a romantic place with coffee fragrance. Do you wanna find out the reason why? Let’s follow my steps and explore Brooklyn with me!



Myrtle Av. Station

When we stuck on the way to Bushwick, we accidentally found a place with lots of graffiti which just under the elevated railway. So we stopped by and did our photo shoot at Myrtle Ave. After a few days, I received the photos and they are amazing! The vivid colors and the vintage avenue combined well together. Those photos are definitely ones of my favorite! Myrtle Av. Station is at the suburb boundary of Bushwick. If you are coming to Bushwick, have a look at Myrtle Ave, but don’t forget paying attention to your safety when enjoying the beautiful graffiti!
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Dumbo in the Rain

I think Dumbo is one of the place that you must visit if you come to New York. And I guess the scenery in this photo is what come to your mind when you think about Dumbo. But I guess you always picture it sunny. It was raining when we did the shooting, and we found that Dumbo in the rain is even more romantic than in sunny day. Another fun fact, the bridge behind me is not Brooklyn Bridge, it is Manhattan Bridge instead. I think Dumbo is not only a place for taking some nice photos, there are a lot of places around to visit. We went to Manhattan Bridge Archway Plaza for shopping. I think it’s better than a department store!


Jane’s Carouse

Jane’s Carousel is such a dreamy place! Instead of a sunny day, it was raining when we were there. I was a little bit disappointed because of the rain. Then we walked closer to the river, and found the view is amazing with the rain. The riverside view looks just like fairy tales! If you pass by Dumbo, you should come visit Jane’s Carousel. Have a ride on carousel and enjoy the landscape of Manhattan.


Store Information


Old Dock St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

+1 718-222-2502

11:00-19:00 (Closed Tuesday)






My Secret Spot below Brooklyn Bridge

I think you won’t miss out the view from the Brooklyn Bridge. So what I’m gonna share with you is not just the tourist spot of Brooklyn Bridge. At the entrance of the bridge, there is a wall full of graffiti. When we got there, this spot was full of the people who were taking photos. Next time, when you finish enjoying the view on the bridge, you can go down and have a look at my secret spot!
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The Feed Shop & Cafe

Finally comes to my favorite! Once we landed in New York, I couldn’t wait but kept telling everyone we must come here. Their signature Draft Latte is to-die-for! You may wonder what is Draft Latte, it is one kind of nitro cold brew coffee. The most special part of it is the frothy layer of silky foam. Different from the usual cold coffee latte, Draft Latte tastes more silkier and it’s naturally sweet with no sugar added. When we came to The Feed Shop & Cafe after work, almost everyone ordered a cup of Draft Latte. And we all loved it! Recommend this place to you!


Store Information


55 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

+1 929-397-2716

08:00-19:00 (Closed Tuesday)


Except Myrtle Av. Station, all the places I introduced today are close to Dumbo. You can make a whole day trip around Dumbo. Go to Dumbo and the Manhattan Bridge, shop at the markets in the morning, have some burgers for lunch at Shake Shack below the Brooklyn Bridge, then have a walk in Jane’s Carousel and have a cup of coffee at The Feed Shop & Cafe, and in the end of the day, enjoy the night view from Brooklyn Bridge. Sounds like a perfect day in Brooklyn, isn’t it?

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